Saturday, July 24, 2010

Aathi Dravidian

When I first heard these songs on air, I fell in love with them, but it took me sometime to find out who the singers were, coz they didn't announce the singers. Anyway its by Dr Burn and Masta K.

Aathi Dravidan just leaps in its tamil patriotism.

What I love most is the use of the bharathanatyam sollkatus in the rap. Amazing combination.

The lyrics is also pretty interesting see if you can find the reference to Ravanan ;p

Enjoy listening to Aathi Dravidan and Tamilachi.

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BSK said...

can't wait to listen to the song...

Visithra said...

i hope u loved it

Karthek said...

I have been long time reader of your feed. Gr8 find. The second song gave me goose bumps.

Visithra said...

thanks ;)welcome here