Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Living Life

They say the best experiences are based on who you meet and travel with. I have to agree 100 percent. I had such an amazing time in SG not only because of the stuff we did but it was the people we were with. First up was our lovely tour guide Yusoff. The jokes that come out of him are just totally impossible. Just before going for a Thai Dance performance he showed us how you can know each race/ country economic position depends on their dance moves.

The Thai dance: the hands go in 3 and come out as four – in 3 out 4
The Chinese : Pull in a fist of 5 and let out a 2 fingered gesture – in 5 out 2
The Indians/ Malay: it goes in and out equally on both sides ;p

He has totally spoiled Thai dance for me, I kept remembering the quote go in 3 come out 4 throughout the performance ;p He kept repeating jokes throughout our trip on the bus or while we were waiting for anyone.

Interesting thing about him, he actually enjoys watching theatre, musicals and dance just not so much on contemporary. Everytime we came out of a performance, we’d all sit and discuss our views of the performance and also get him to give us his opinion. He also knew a lot of general information that’s not related to Singapore so on our short trips (there’s no traffic jams!) to different locations, we’d have a host of conversations going on.

Then we had the 12 of us which consisted of Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, Chinese and Malaysians. We did have one MIA guy who interestingly wasn’t from any of the countries above who kept saying he was waiting for us but was on neither of the 2 lobbys but finally joined us for lunch one day and then refused to join any of the events on the list. He kinda became our guy to use for jokes ;p

Sometimes when I go out to review a performance and start feeling WTH but notice a lot of people are cheering the performance/ dancer, I used to wonder am I being too critical. 

So it was such a relief to have everyone around to share their views, now I know I’m not over critical and the points I look at are relevant. It was also very refreshing to discuss the performances with people who truly enjoy dance. Our theme for the trip was – music is good! ;p you’ll understand when you read the reviews which have already been written but yet to be published by my editor.

We always made sure everyone was back on the bus and no one ever complained about the occasionally late person. And it is such a joy to see people genuinely enjoy life and show their youthful side.

On the last day together we were taken to the Malay heritage centre for a walkthrough of different Malay arts related to the Zapin. When they gave us this little map to collect stickers at all the places we stopped I wasn’t expecting everyone to be so diligent about it. Ah you could learn how to live life from them. 

And they were ever willing to try learning some of the steps to the Zapin and try out the costumes. The Silat showcase was the highlight of the day as we got to see some cool moves and short battles by the young kids. I’ve always felt silat has a dance touch to it and wouldn’t it be lovely if it was developed for a dance performance. I shall wish and wish.

That night after watching our last dance performance we decided to go colonial and stopped at the Raffless hotel bar to have the famous Singapore sling and since I don’t drink alcohol the waitress suggested the Virgin Sling which looks exactly the same minus the alcohol. Erm it was tad too sweet for me and I’m wondering why it came with an unripe pineapple!

Ah but the hotel and atmosphere is quite nice. We sat down talked and had a good time before we walked back to our hotel. Thank god it was a nice night for a walk. Lovely make absolutely perfect company. Now to make sure we stay in touch.

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