Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love is .....

Love is .....

love is being there when you're most needed
love is being there even when you're not
love is remembering the quirky little details
love is mischievous winks only you understand
love is that unexpected call that lifts the gloom
love is that sms that reaches right on time
love is the silly laughter that never stops roaring
love is the simplest gestures that mean the world
love is knowing when to be there
love is the comfortable silence
love is the little huffs and puffs
love is laughing off the disagreements
love is not knowing how time flew
love is the 'have u reached home' messages
love is not being embarrassed at your silliness
love is knowing you are there for someone
love is you and your love

The poem was written for two of my friends - for always being there.

Happy Valentines Day everyone

Love isn't about the number of gifts you get on one day but the amount of love you get all year round.


Shiv said...

a very nice last line vima!!!

Jeevan said...

Beautiful thoughts of Love in the happiness of Love :)

visithra said...

shiv : thanks dear

jeevan : thanks dear