Monday, February 04, 2008


Right after clubbing on Saturday night with my friends – all the gals walked into the ladies and there was only us in the restroom. So feeling a bit hyper as usual – I started singing a Christmas song. Yes in February – forgive my ignorance but I really like Christmas ;p

Another friend joined me and we were causing a ruckus when suddenly someone tells us sing a Chinese New Year song.

I only know one and can only sing the chorus but I can humm the tune well – so I proceed to sing the song. When I walk out of the cubicle it turns out – my song requester was a perfect stranger who was enjoying the song.

Feeling embarrassed but still not giving a heck about it – I quietly walk up to my friend and tell her.

….and this is without a single drop of alcohol in my system!”

she : I don’t think you’ll ever need any!

Anyway the excitement didn’t stop there – my friend walks out and insists I teach her the song out at the lobby where more people were standing. I was hesistant for a second and decided what the heck and started singing again.

I’m proud to say The Chinese New Year spirit was spread far and wide as people started singing as well! Lol

Warning : If you are a very timid person – you might want to keep a safe distance from me – I’m known to do ridiculous stuff ;p


Aravind said...

chennai la last year nadandha bloggers meet la neenga yaen paadalai visit?? cha.. so mean!! :P

praveen said...

yes dear,

I guess we're all pretty informed on your capacity :p

visithra said...

aravind : ehhehe coz i dowannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ;p
u guys are the meanies ';p

prav :hehehehe u should know ;p