Monday, January 21, 2008

Time to downgrade

Time to downgrade ;p We were out photographing KL centre yesterday when this happened. It had us laughing throught the evening ;p

Friend : hey look there’s pigeons in that hole.

Me and rest : oh yeah

friend : to photograph that you’ll need a dslr with a telephoto lens.

me : no you don’t – I just need to cross the road.

As my friend stands there flabbergasted – I cross the road and got the shot.

me : see (showing photo)

he : I’m downgrading to a Point and shoot camera!

Us : Laughing so loud – we had tummy aches ;p

Ps : no cameras were hurt in the process ;p


Pixelated Mo said...

kkekekeke good one.....

kazzie said...

downgrading and crawling on the floors :) muaahhh

visithra said...

mo : thanks ;p

kaz : hehehe secrets should not be revealed ;p