Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sweet Ponggal

PonggalPonggal this year was excellent in many ways. We’re back to routine, the old priest is back, the ponggal cooking time isn’t filled with animosity.

If you’re a regular follower of the blog you’ll realize I’m a bigger Ponggal fan then I am of Diwali. To us it marks the end of Margzhali and the beginning of Thai as it is with the rest.

Ponggal, the Hindu harvest festival and the beginning of the month of Thai. Ponggal signals the end of weeks spent harvesting rice and a thanksgiving to the sun for its rays of gold that flourished the crops.

Though not everyone’s a farmer, everyone celebrates Pongal in thanksgiving to the ever important rice that thrives on our plates. One the day families gather together and cook a sweet rice delicacy.

My ponggals have always been with the temple. I’d put a kolam at home the night before and the next morning we’d all be at the temple. The cooking only begins after I’ve put the kolam around the pot. It’s just a tradition we’re all used to. Each year they keepy making me promise to come back even if I get married. Lol no worries there! ;p

Ponggal Ponggal Sweet beginnings

Waiting for the milk to boil kinda gets everyone impatient. We’d start meddling with the fire and throwing in champor to get it going. We were trying to get them to throw in more champor when they tell us, y do we need that when we were using champor tree wood. None of us believed them an assumed they were lying – coz both of them are always telling little lies ;p

Sudam ah? Sudam marameh use pahnrohm ithuleh ethuku sudam?

Turns out Champor is made of from the champor tree. Whatya know! ;p

Ponggal The hardest part about ponggal making is the stirring. You need to continuously stir or you’ll have burnt rice! Now we use an extra large pot coz hey you need to feed about 30 – 40 ppl at least! Our chief stirrer is this aunty and believe it or not 2nd in line to her is moi! ;p everyone else will take turns to lightly mix the rice, give up and hand the baton or in this context the sugar cane back to us.

As usual I kept urging the priest anne to put more sugar! Well all we get is a spoon of Ponggal and how can it not be sweet! You’d think I’m crazy about ponggal the food but actually I only eat it once a year pipping hot while rushing to work! ;p

My cutesy boyfriend Oh yes btw this is my little smiley cutesy boyfriend – the one who beams when I introduce him as my boyfriend. Seriously! ;p

Hope you guys had a wonderful Ponggal and may the year be as sweet.


Ganesh said...


இனிய பொங்கல் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்.
And great pics btw.

mal said...

i luv ur pics visithra. i visit ur blog almost everday 4 d wonderful feast of the eyes.


kG said...

Inniya Ponggal nalvazhtukal! And I am liking this shot.

Vinesh said...

CHe!! Awesome pics - very striking images!

The one with the kid's face upward was funny :-)

visithra said...

ganesh : thanks ;) same to u ;)

mal : welcome here ;) awww thanks

kg : : thanks ;) same to u ;)

vinesh : hey married man ;)

thanks - yeah isnt my bf cute ;p lol

Anonymous said...

this year I loved Pongal too!

Diwali is way too noisy for my comfort anyway...

visithra said...

jillu : glad u did ;)

Anonymous said...

you know it is going to be the new Tamil New Year right, by decree?