Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rude freeloaders

If you know me long enough, you'll know I don't like rude people.

After having lunch with my friends I dashed off to Coffeebean to edit my overflowing number of photos. Anyway I'm sitting next to the paper stand as one its freaking cold and its the nearest table to the power point.

Anyway few people walked by to get papers and most were polite. Few minutes ago a chinese gal about 8 years old comes by and tries to take the papers. So I help her get the paper and after taking it she just walks away without even saying thank you.

few seconds later she comes back and hands me the paper as if I'm her servant - I decide to ignore her - kid starts mumbling something in Chinese and goes to complain to her mom who is as rude and does the same thing.

Like mother like daughter oh and guess what theyre a bunch of freeloaders - walked in to read the newspaper for free.


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