Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Murder she wrote

PeekingI spent sat making sudden turns and stops, confusing 5 cars, eating droolicious food and getting sunburned in Kuala Selangor. Damn it was so hot and when my colleague asked me how come I look fairer on Monday – I blinked at her. Turns out I looked pale ;p

Do go and watch Madmoney – awesome movie after a very long time – sigh wish I could do the same!

The biggest news of the week is actually the fact that my little town that has 2 shopping malls finally has a wifi restaurant which turns out to be KFC – woohoo. Now before you go yay – let me recap what happened yesterday.

It seems that 20 minutes after I left home, a guy from another nearby town who was being chased by another group of men hit his car into a drain right at the only entrance into my housing area. Then they attacked the guys car with parangs (aruva/ huge blades) and then got to him. Whacked the guy all over and went away with one of his arm. By the time the cops came the place was a bloody mess. The cops sealed the place off and everyone was stuck at home till 12 pm.

Anyway all the kepohchi’s (nosy ppl) spent the morning nosing around the place looking at the body and the blood gore and fishing stories. My mom was oblivious to everything and was probably busy watching Tamil serials when people called her to go check it out and she did ;p so last night while I was sitting alone in the office, she calls me up to tell me drive quickly past the entrance coz there might be ghosts. Lol.

Anyway today morning I had a good laugh as I was driving out – coz all the cars that are usually at home when I leave were all gone – looks like people left early for work. Ahem hello I don’t think murder happens twice in a row – this isn’t murder she wrote you know ;p lol


kG said...

ouh i so want to follow on the next photo-trip? i don't get the chance to go anywhere =(

visithra said...

join the group kg ;)