Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lame KFC

Well my bubble burst yesterday, I headed to KFC to check out the WIFI. There was a huge sign outside the outlet saying FREE WIFI. I get my food and ask them for a password. They blink at me and all 10 staff working the shift didn’t know if the WIFI worked or if it needed a password or what it was either – one even rudely said its not working to which I asked “eh you just launched and its not working?”

All I got were stares.

Anyway I head to a seat and switch on the PC. I find the connection but for the next 30 minutes – though I was connected I couldn’t access the net and that new foot long burger is seriously horrible.

Seriously if you’re trying to beat MCd’s by offering breakfast and WIFI you better buck up your service and keep to your word. Don’t offer things you can’t provide – its lame.

ps : I checked their website – it seems they’re only providing it between 2 – 6pm – seriously you might as well not offer the service.


Thenraj said...

Hmm...that happenes all over the world..In india, a coffee shop called as coffee day promises wifi to its customer with a charge..even the customer ready to pay...they dont have the username and they will easily say out of stock...r in some other places they are restricting the net access by using filters...very sick..

Gillian said...

Thank god for blogs for keeping 'em honest.

visithra said...

thenraj : i normally use wifi at coffee places n they are pretty good at keeping their word - this one really is playing sneaky

gillian : yeah someone has to tell it somewhere