Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chariot Chasing

Chariot Chasing

Last night we headed off to KL to catch the chariot leave KL. By now you’d have known that I’ve been doing this for years and I’ve an addiction to Thaipusam. As we had left early to beat the traffic, we managed to get up close to the chariot.

The Chariot The last detailrs Thaipusam 2008
Having seen my photos from the previous chariot walks, the guys decided to join me in chasing the chariot. Seriously we chase the chariot – as we need to get in front of the chariot to get the best shots and that means running through dark alleys and sprinting to each different stops.

Me : when I say move you guys should move immediately
Friends : so we can only shoot if u say shoot?
Me : yes and no questions asked! ;p

what is she doing? Preparing

Photogs are like kids in a candy factory – we get so excited by photographic opportunity that we sleep, sit and even jump in the middle of the road ;p

Watching over Though the crowds were significantly smaller, the true devotees and the fans of the festival were there waiting for it to begin. Its funny actually when I first started walking some 15 years back, these were how big the crowds used to be coz then it wasn’t fashionable to walk behind the chariot. You walked because you wanted to. And those ppl were still there.

Oooh I don’t like the new addition to the chariot – the funky green light – I want my bulbs back! – gonna tell them that the next time I see them ;p

Thaipusam 2008 Curious Humour

I just got a call from my friend whose carrying the kavadi tomorrow insisting I use his camera tomorrow. No way am I going to abandon my baby (that’s what I call my camera) for anyone elses cam. He’s still trying to convince me ;p

Alrighty have a nice Thaipusam – will update when I get back.

Note to self : charge all batteries – hp, camera and self ;p


Sundar Narayanan said...

why the green glow on the flourescent lights Visithra?

filter ?


have fun tomorrow..

have a great thai poosam!

gina said...

hi visithra. Happy thaipusam!

Was wondering what camera you have been using now? planning to upgrade. My casio is an utter let down.

visithra said...

sundar : coz its green flourecent lights ;p seriously it was green ;p

it was yesterday n we had too much fun - will update later

gina : still using my trust old canon powershot a620 ;p

though should never move away from canon ;p dslr 350 can get lower than 2klah now ;p

Keshi said...

wow really beautiful!


Jeevan said...

Everything was Wonderful and dazzling dear, esp the second pic. I know you will bring a post and pictures of thaipusam; have a nice festival time :)

visithra said...

keshi and jeevan thanks ;)

yeah coming soon