Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lunch treat

The other day was having lunch with the colleagues at the regular restaurant I frequent. Now the waiters are pretty close to me and go on an endless akka story.

Anyway when the time to pay came (everyone normally pays individually) I hand out a $50 note to one of the boys and immediately everyone at the table decides I'm spending them for lunch. Now this boy was quietly watching the commotion for a few seconds.

Seconds later he hands me back the money and tells me

"nillungu ka - naan invengeh kithelam kaasu vangithu ungeh kithe vangurehn - nengeh treatlam tareh vehndam"
"wait I'll collect from them first you don't need to pay for them."

The whole table is pretty shocked including me I hadn't expected him to do that ;p Such an aww moment huh ;) See there are perks in being nice ;)


sreekrishnanv said...

You write tamizh in a different way ..not sure every ppl from TN writes like that

ur version:
nillungu ka - naan invengeh kithelam kaasu vangithu ungeh kithe vangurehn - nengeh treatlam tareh vehndam

nillunga akka - naan ivanaga kittelam kaasu vangittu unga kitta vangaraen - nenga treatlaam thara vendam

Note that usage of "h" ... it gives a different feel. If thats not ur specific style ..then..ill using it !!

Nirek said...

nice visi! anyway u escaped from giving treat to ur frens ??!

My days(Gops) said...

ah ah.....
unga ooorla $ thaan using'a?
sare sare...

//nillungu ka //
neenga endhirichi nineeengala illai'a?

ps:- i cannot see the photos in other posts......so, no comment ya...

sreekrishnanv said...

if it was madras thamizh !!

assuming he speaks the same dialogue

yakka - iru , avgalta vangiginu unnaanda vainkaraen. ne treat tharatheviyilla !!


Aravind said...

neenga nejamaave avlo nice-aa? :P

Nirek said...

hey visi,
one request. can you change your comments setting in blogger.com to make it NOT open in popup window
Show comments in a popup window? say NO.

I am using cocomment to track the comments, which wont work with popup comments...
Just a small request...
Lol :)
hv a great day

BawangMerah said...

The 50 ringgit piece is damn hard to break la. Takde tukar ke. That's the standard response I get. But nice waiter eh. ;)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Ayyo ivlo nice akka'va neenga :P

SamY said...

andhe waiter ku un meela oru idhu irundhurukkum :p ... unmaye sollu

Anonymous said...

probably everytime you pay hefty tips to the waiter,so this time he just decided to get that from others,saving you.Nice akka and nice waiter.Thirupthiya sapteengathane?--SKM

tulipspeaks said...

shouldnt follow u to THAT restaurant again. any other place no waiter can save u eh? :P


Jeevan said...

Visith ungala treatla iruntu kapathakoda aal irukka! nalla ice vaikuran payan:)

Usha said...

Of course.
It always pays to be nice!
I would have liked to see the face of others at the table.

Sandai-Kozhi said...

How come my comment got posted as an anonymous?confused.---SKM

Syam said...

neenga ivalo nallavangala...yegha neenga ivalo nallavangala engalayum treat ku kootitu ponga... :-)

andha vadivelu movie I don't remember...will let you know :-)

Balaji S Rajan said...


Unga office yenga akka irukku. Nanga kooda daily lunch sapida varome... Imagine the waiter goes to the counter to pay the money.....and the cashier asks him in Manirathinam style...

The boy tells " Visithra.."
" Yevalavu peru..."
" Aaru.."

KK said...

Treat kodukkama irukka ippadiyum oru vazhiya??? Sabash!!! :)

geetha said...

How sweet of him.. he read the confused obliged look in your face? :)

Gusti Adipati said...

Ha ha ha....that's funny....

I still remember how we got a bangaldeshi brother working in one of the stalls near Ikan Mas flats near Cheras sacked. He he he. For some reason he started charging us a few cents lesser (20, 30 and so on) everytime he calculates our bill. We were so used to it that we call him to work out our bills all the time. The owner noticed this I suppose, the following he got booted! What a pity. I'm sorry bhaiyya!

visithra said...

Sree : heheh im not tn ppl remember ;) well i think its a msian style or just mine - not sure ;)

u like the h use??? Lol if u do go ahead and use it ;)

Satu : well friends I'd have offered but most of them at the table were a bunch of hypocrites ;)

mydays : cheh illeh ingeh rm sohluvange - anna ungeluku ehlam puriadhe ;p

grrr lollu?

Sree : hehehe lol - non of the boys are from madras - all madurai pasange - so the speak nice tamil ;)

Aravind : yes yes ;p

satu : aww let me think about it - i changed it to pop up coz its convenient for everyone - n doesnt mess the tracking of pages ;)

Bawangred : yeah tell me about it - but shops are okla - yeah nice fellas - theres abunch of them who go akka akka ;p

Ponnarasi : hehehe amangeh ka ;p hehe

Samy : cheh ithu chinna payan akkanu than kupdhuvan - idhu iruhkura waiter vereh aalu ;p

visithra said...

Skm : nah we dont have to give tips here - only in hotels if its not a buffet ;)

he was just being nice and he knows i normally dont hang with that bunch ;)
Food was good ;) ps : comment must have been a fluke

Amu : hehehe waiters and owners could save me in a lot of places ;p hehe

Jeevan : ehhehe yes yes allu iruhku - cheh ice ehlam illeh oru pasam than

Usha : hehe they were pretty shocked

Syam : ahha nalavangeh solli treat kehkuringehla - u see nangeh than kehkanum ;p

ok lets see if u remember ;p otherwise we can call u oldddddddddddddd man ;p

Balajis : heheh lol that was funny - but i normally pay at the cashier - coz the group was big we paid there

Kk : hhehe ehlam nalla manusu than - but friends ku treat kudhukalam - athuku ehlarukum ethuku kuduhkanum

geetha : nah i was protesting - well friends I'd have offered but most of them at the table were a bunch of hypocrites ;)

Gusti : hehe oh man poor fella - when this shop first opened all this boys got very close with me n the boss started looking suspiciously - now he's a friend too ;)

Hip Grandma said...

That must have been embarassing.How did you tackle it?

EmptyHead said...

Good One! I really like that waiter boy :-)