Monday, September 04, 2006


I've told you guys before I attract stories, I get distracted too ;p while everyone looks and walks away from something, I stop, observe and occasionally get a few stories. Here's one of them.

We were walking down the Esplanade in Penang, Malaysia after a heavenly dessert of ABC (shaved ice in sugar). There were a number of people fishing by the side of the seabank.

crabpg Hosted on Zooomr

Suddenly we notice this guy holding a crab and I had to get a photo. Seeing the camera they got excited and stood posing with their catch. I was bewitched by the colours of the crab and the situation. When suddenly out of nowhere pops in 2 sets of claws (claws are normally removed immediately so the crab won't injure the catcher), which the man holds for my photo. I just couldn't stop laughing, and the men joined us as the situation was just so hillarious ;p That probably explains why the photo wasn't clear, laughing doesn't help photos ;p

We hadn't said a word to each other, all of us were just excited, he proud of his catch, us excited on such a wonderous find ;) So if you're looking for simple pleasures, look no further then around you ;)

Ps : on a note I'm against cruelty but I'm no PET*A member - so if this was offensive its basically a matter of whose perspective we're seeing it in. This was hillarious and that's it.


Nirek said...

"Getting story by listening to world around you"- sweet and lovely idea visi. That crab is too small, isn't it?
u r veggie or non-veggie??!....crab is a great nv dish, i love it

kG said...

hahahaha. The crab is so cute.
*snip snap*

geetha said...

I like the blue and red colours on the crab's claws. Luckily it didn't catch you! :P

BawangMerah said...

No merdeka for the crab then :P

Keshi said...

cute crab!

Im pretty crabby today.


visithra said...

Satu : it works try it ;)

if im not mistaken this is the adult size for these kind of crabs ;) u only get huge ones for the deep orange crabs

im a nv - n i love crab ;)

Kg : hehe yeah it was really cute ;)

Geetha : hehe yeah lucky me - i like the colours to against the orange shirt

bawangred : hehehe yeah

Keshi : yeah cute fella - hope ure feeling better ;)

Jeevan said...

I am fear to see Crab! great pic here:)

visithra said...

jeevan : hehehe theyre ok dont be too scared - thanks ;)