Tuesday, August 22, 2006


vaLaiyoasai kala kala kalavena
kavidhaigaL padikkudhu kuLu kuLu
thendral kaatrum veesudhu
sila naeram silu silu silu ena
siRu viral pada pada thudikkudhu
engum dhaegham koosudhu

Think of bangles and most people will be reminded of this song. The song is a poem by a guy to his gal - he tells her the

"sounds of your bangles are poems of their own - poems that are as enchanting as the wonderful cool breeze that embraces me".

Bangles do have an enchanting quality when worn in a bunch. Every movement of the wrist and you'll hear its familiar rustling as the bangles hit into each other, often a sound of celebration. Have you ever noticed how only the glass bangles emit that beautiful sound? Neither gold, silver, metal or plastic would give sing the tune of the glass bangles.

Casually caressing the skin at the wrist between arm and palm, they take turns ringing in the joy. My earliest memory of purchasing bangles comes from this visit to a local shop in Masjid India, our very own little India. I was about 10 years old and it was for my dance performance. I was pretty excited since like most gals I loved glass bangles and hadn't been allowed to use them before since I was deemed too young.

This middle aged man with a toothy smile was the bangle seller. I remember him grinning at us and asking for my hand. I hesitantly gave it to him, it was awkward to be touched by a stranger, something I wasn't used to. He picked this pretty maroonish bangles and forced them onto my hand. Yep forced was the word, it was quite tight and I remember complaining. He grinned back and tells us that's the way you should wear them and we bought them. I was frowning and smiling at the same time.

Now I know why he did that, it was a smart business tactic. I'd out grown them in short time and we'd have to get new ones. Probably explains why I like my bangles huge!

These days I have a hate and love relationship with them. I love them but hate having to find the matching bangles from my collection and arranging them. Penang used to be a favourite haunt for bangles, it was probably just me coz I always felt they had wonderful collections.

In chennai during those days when I used to roam the Mylapore street near the tank, I used to buy beautiful glass bangles from this old man. Him I liked and nope he never tried to force me to buy smaller sized bangles, most of all he remembered me and I him. Here was this row of shops selling bangles, non with a signboard yet I'd manage to find him. Sadly this time I had no time to meet my fav bangle seller.

Bangle sellers no longer force bangles into the hands of its customers, that tradition seems to have paved way for the insecurities of todays world but they still thrive, just as the sounds of the glass bangles that continue to haunt the soul as the king of bangles.


tulipspeaks said...

:) i can't help smiling thinking how similar we are..


Arz000n said...

I agree with am000nie :)

SamY said...

oooh I thought u were writing bout that song :(

Vinesh said...

i somehow like looking at bangles in a bangle stand than on a woman's hand :-)

line-aa.. color color-aa :-)

Sandai-Kozhi said...

:D I love glass bangles, but now they've become an ornamental stand on my dresser.nethu samaiyal,indru valaiyal,enna special ?JK ;)---SKM

Jothi said...

nice song.

geetha said...

never used to like bangles much.. until I wore them for my brother's wedding ;)

Now I liek it.. Hmm, gonna start a big collection soon. Hubby is gonna freak out ;P

Keshi said...

I want to marry that guy.


kG said...

bangles truly are musical.
i've been to a bangle shop once(yes, once only, im pathetic) with my sister. There were a kajillion colours. Was very amusing.

and oh Vis, im not blogging for awhile, but my blog is active as an announcement space, so do continue to visit. Thx.

Anonymous said...

hi Visithra. you manage to come up with topics all the time, and there is a certain originality to it. I have read some other blogs which are quite funny, but with time they end up writing very boring stuff.

good work!

visithra said...

Amu : ahhh u too ;) now its my trun to smile ;)

arz : so ure agreeing or ure saying mes n u are similar? ;p hehehe

Samy : heheh did explain the song didnt i ;)

Vinesh : hehe i like that too - its always fun going to a bangle shop ;)

line-aa.. color color-aa :-) athe ;)

Skm : u too ;) aww yeahh most of the time it becomes ornamental ;)

ahha oreh rhyming - yahrukum sohlalehle;p shuhhhhhhhhhh
Ada no special ;)

jothi : welcome here ;) thanks ;)

geetha : hehe ah a bangle convert ;) ohh let me help will tell u the best places to get them ;p hehehe - hhehe he might it takes up space ;)

keshi : kamal?? Or the character sathya? - awww

Kg : hehhe nah u going once to a bangle shop isnt pathetic ;p yeah kajilion colours ;p

i know i noticed ;( saw the notice - no worries will always come by to haunt

Anon : thanks ;) interestingly most of the blogs i read have kept me hooked - so not so sure about that ;) anyway thanks - do leave a nick next time ;)

The Smiling Girl said...

Thats exactly why I wanna learn Tamil.. I wanna understand all those nice songs..
Btw, you should come down to Charminar.. I bet you will love them!

sreekrishnanv said...

I was expecting something abt the song ... cha bangles ah!!

Jeevan said...

Some old people used to tell color color kannadi valaiyal (Bangles) potta, color color kanavu varumnu:)) I used to secretly take my aunt’s bangle and broke it and use for play (collecting a same color bangle of 5)

I even play with the bangle box, by filling mud and pull it on the roads, telling vandi varuthu vandi.

Hip Grandma said...

bangles remind me of the timewhen I scolded my daughter for spending 2000/- rupees on bangles before her marriage. We had a huge argument with myself saying that in the US where she was to relocate she'd have no use for them.after she left I spent many an evening missing her and feeling bad for scolding her.

Keshi said...

whoever who compiled that verse :)


visithra said...

Sg : awww - tell me a song wil ltry translating it for u if u do need ;)

Oh dear dont remind me of charminar - we missed the place n ive never forgiven myself for that - i can just dream about those bangles - next time i think

Sree : hehehe not my fault ;p

jeevan : ahha color color kanavu varumma?? Idhu pudhusa iruhke ;p

adada pavam bangle n bangle box - ipdhi udachi aprohm mudle thala lamo?

Hipgran : wowe isnt that a lot for bangleS? ;p awww u must have been nostalgic yday ;)

keshi : old man? Ure ok with that? ;p

My days(Gops) said...

bangles girls ellathukumey oru extra vaana alagu thaan...
adhuvum paaartheeengana, ORU sila girls, starting'um, end'um one big bangle pottu'tu, center'la 3 dozen color color bangles pottu'tu (adhuvum in one hand), adha, mathavanga notice panna left hand'a point panni point panni pesuvaaanga paaarunga....ada ada
(dai gopi, romba alakaaadha, appuram nee ennamo, lots of girls'a paarkura maaadhiri complain varum........).....

visithra said...

Mydays : ahha athu ehpadi ser 3 dozen bangles pohduvange? Max oru 1 dozen than pohdamudiyum ;p
Mathavangeh notice panna pointeh panna vehndam kai move pahnnale pohdum - ;p

nah sohlli than nengeh pahkuringehnu ooruhku teriyuhma? ;p

ps : photo ungeh car cd player?

My days(Gops) said...

sorry 2dozens? (kandipa poda mudium)....bangles podravanga yaaarachum irrundha u ask...

engalukkum therium, girls point panna maaatanga, but 'kai' neeeti neeeti pesuvaaanga...
(paaarthunga, naan lots of bangles pottu irrukenu sollaaaama solling)
he he he therium'la...

PS:- ya my Ccar cd player..
advertisement'kaaaga podala..u knw, nalla paaartheengana adhula 'My Days'nu irrukum..adhukaaaga thaaaan...

( advertisement kaaaga thaan poteeenganu, neeenga en kitta ketkavey illa. i knw...)

visithra said...

2 dozen one hand? Humm depends ;p but 3 no no

excuse bangle pathi pesuhruvange bangle pohdamatangehla??

Athu bangle pudhusa iruhndadhan kai neeti neeti pesuvange ;p

ps : terium mydays pathu thanne kethen ;)

ketkale nu teriudhuleh approhm enna asking ;p