Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Upside down

Whenever I park my car I pull on the handbreak a few times especially near drains or near slopes. There's a reason for this.

When I was in univ, I'd usually drop by my friends place as that was our meeting port. Usually I'd park the car right in front of her house next to this drain so as not to obstruct the way into the main gate.

Anyway another friend drops by in her car and we continued chatting away. Suddenly we heard a huge noise and all of us ran to the balcony. We were shocked beyond our senses.

There was her car sitting upright inside the drain with the cars back end jutting towards the sky. The most amazing thing was it had to pass my car before falling in the drain but it somehow missed it and happily slid through the narrow opening between my car and the gate!
We were still gawking at the unbelievable scene when people started stopping their cars and came to watch. Finally we remembered we had to get it out and luckily they agreed to help after laughing at the situation that is ;p

It took 10 ppl and lots of energy to pull the car out since it was upside down and lets not even talk about the damage. So don't ever forget to pull the handbreak!


Balajoe said...

Ya, I imagine the damage to that car...For me, I not only pull the hand brake but also put the car in gear as an added precaution (it is also mentioned in the car manual)

Maran said...

I've seen couple of cars slowly moving backwards as the owner didn't really pull the handbrake on slopes. Scary to watch cos it feels like the cars decide to move by themselves! I was in primary school then!

My days(Gops) said...

ippa unga friend car park pannitu handbag'a edukuraangalo illai'o, kandipa handbrake'a potruvaanga enna? kettu sollunga...

appuram, neengalum eppodumey handbrake poda maateeenga, annaiku'nu paarthu by luck neenga handbrake pottu irrukeeenga.....
illati unga car boot'um, Mr.Sun'ku oru goodmorning solli irrukum....
(idhu unga friend en kitta sollavey illa)...

btw, sometimes i forget to release the handbrake...

Hip Grandma said...

i've had such an experience too tho' the damage ws less. i parked my car and like a naughty child it started moving along with me.luckily i noticed it and two men stopped it on track and i managed to put the hand brake

Sandai-Kozhi said...

Yup!Once The car infront of mine started to come down,so I had to reverse mine to save mine from getting hit.(illadha surusuruppu annaikudhan vandhadhu)

Balaji S Rajan said...

Who gave you license. I think you guys have not be taught well. UK has a good standard of driving test. Using handbrake is advised from the first class. Always in general whether you are in slope, or uphill it is advised to put your handbrake. If you do not put handbrakes it is considered as a major mistake. Then if you try driving your car without releasing your handbrake it is another major mistake. Definitely you will fail. I think we have a better driving standard than anywhere. Anyhow, we need to be careful when you park your car. Paint 'SORRY' at the back of your car always for the safer side.

Harsha said...

A snap of that would have been awesome!!!

I just own a 2-wheeler. It always falls sideways. :)

Aravind said...

oh.. scary!
I always pull the handbrake whenver i get down from the car!!

Keshi said...

**There was her car sitting upright inside the drain

OMG thats awful! I'd cry if I see my car in that position.

yes better be safe than sorry.


Sundar Narayanan said...

on any given day cameravum kaiyumma alayavendiyadhu.. when the time is right for a snap, kottai vitttuteengalaa ?


Jeevan said...

who is that? our visith, very intelegent girl. in our car, even it will move if we put handbrake! useless car.

Usha said...

I had a similar experience in my early days of driving in bangalore where the roads are full of slopes. ince then i use hand brake even in signals!

BawangMerah said...

So I take it, your friend torture the car la everyday, until it want to commit suicide. Kesian

visithra said...

Balajoe : ahhh that - used to do that when i was driving a manual - now i dont - i have a friend who has a habit of not pulling the handbreak - so if im sitting there i pull it instead ;p

maran : u have???? Grrr thats scaryy - thats like niightmare for me ;)

hehehe u must have thought some ghost was driving it ;p

Mydays : donno this one old story lost contact

avangeh pohdurangehlo illehyo nah few times paathu pahnrehn ;p

no no nah nalla pillai always pohduvehn - ipoh kudah bayam ;p

hehehhe Mr.Sun'ku oru goodmorning - pinnitingeh ;p

hehehe aiyo pavam kadi - not good for car

Hipgran : awww naughty car! Luckily someone stopped it

skm : ahhha avlo surusurupa wow - aiyoo sure nah yehrangi yeshiruhphen ;p

balajis : ahha calm down sir - apdhi othunadu naah illeh - someone else - im a good driver

yaareh kethalum sohluvange - but anyway my friends story was an accident -it was the one day she forgot n it had to happen - we get the same lessons too

Harsha : lol yeah it would have been but my friend might have thrown me out - but i never take accident shots - n this happened 6 years back

falls sideways? Poor bike

aravind : yeah scary unbelivable sight

keshi : i know me too - kinda love my baby ;p

sundar : this happened 6 years back - apohlam no cameravum kaiyum ;p hehe

jeevan : hheheh thanks - it will? U should get it checked pa

Usha : ooohh hope it wasnt an expensive experience

bawangred : lol maybe she didla - kesian the car or her ;p