Monday, August 28, 2006

Stylo milo

I fear hair stylists! I finally found a person I'm scared of.  They're such manipulative scary individuals who are capable of massaging you to oblivion that you just nod to everything they tell ya! That in hair saloon visit language is a recipe for disaster!

When I was younger my dad had a fascination for boy cuts. I can't blame him I had cutesy curls that later morphed into frizzy hair! But it served a purpose, I was a tomboy after all.

When I was 7 and started dancing, the hair committee decided it should be long and we started growing it. From then till I was 16 the hair was never cut more than an inch. My mom would stand guard and frown at the hair stylists so she'd know how long 1 inch was! You had to since they never understand simple terms as short and little.

Then one day mom decided I've sported long hair for too long and we went and got it snipped much to my dads horror! Poor man was looking for the little angel (well fathers never see their daughters grow older than 5) with hip long hair who would run around in single and double plaits! All he found was a shoulder length haired gal!

Ah but the liberation of short hair found a home and thus began the quest for the perfect hair stylists! Not everyone can cut the indian hair, take it from me its an art to be able to style frizzy hair. After having suffered one 2 many bad hair days I finally found the women!

A simple shop in my neighbourhood with hair stylists who loved to travel. She did have a problem with length but she knew what looked good for me. Occasionally she'd inquire so you want this product? I'd say no and she'd go back to giving me that spine tingling neck rub I loved! Ah how i loved her! For years I visited her!

I remember going once (only once) to a hair saloon in India for a wash. Now this was quite a famous one and they trained students! Sadly there was no neck rub and the washing was normal! When it came to blow drying my eyes nearly popped out! They were practically raking the hair as if raking dead leaves! I shuddered and ran away!

I still had a frizz problem - hair looked good but it was too much work to manage! That's when rebonding became famous and I jumped at having silk unfrizzed hair! My mom hated it at first but grew to love it since I had picture perfect hair everytime!

As my hair grew I realised I'd become selfish and didn't like the products she was using. So one day as I was circling the mall, I succumbed to the pull of a posh place and extravagant male stylists. The lady was sweet I liked her and somehow I managed to tell her no products in between having bubbles for a hairdo! I like them yet I felt guilty for abandoning my loyal stylists. I was still getting hair trims from her while she gave me the suspicious look. I cringed in my chair in guilt!

Then I got bored with straight safe boring hair, yeah sure it was nice but bleh! Plus I was always caught drooling at the friends spiral curls! One evening on a stroll at the mall I walked in and told them hit me with some curls! But my sweet lady wasn't there and only Mr OH-I'm so-vogue was there.

I had wanted to maintain the length but the excitement in me was uncontained and when Mr OH-I'm so-vogue gushed that curls are best in layer like cuts and a new parting - I blindly said yes but just not too short. 

Snip snip snip and before I knew it the hair was too short for my liking! I frown into the mirror but the scardy cat that I am (remember I'm scared of stylists), I said nothing! I was also busy reading a book on shape shifting demons and trolls so as you know trolls aren't hair crazy so I forgot all about the stuff they were putting in my hair!

I did spy from the corner of my eye a poor guy staring in horror at the things they were doing to me as he refused to have eye contact with his gf going through the same! Heh servers you right for following the missy! ;p    

When I first saw how I looked my eyes nearly popped out but then I got confused since Mr OH-I'm so-vogue was gushing on how pretty I looked. I was pretty sure I didn't and I was dazed too! My mom bluntly told me later I looked horrible! Thanks mom! :(

I met the friend the next day with a very bad hair day and the woman actually laughs at me despite all my warnings! Mummeeeeeee at the next day's dinner I warn the boys one sniffle from you guys and I'm shipping all of you to Antarctica! Nice fellas not one made a comment but I did notice non made eye contact with me! ;p

Finally a week later I marched there and complained of their shoddy work! Mr OH-I'm so-vogue rolls his eyes at me and agrees to repair it grudgingly. Repair wasn't as good but I finally figured how to handle the look and now it looks great! ;p

However I'm now currently without a hair stylist. I'm too guilt stricken to go to the old one and too scared of the new one! Its's been months though! I'm biting my nails and hoping the hair won't grow and I won't have to find a new stylists!

Psst : I'm still looking back every now and then, who knows if the dreaded stylist will creep up and spoil my hair again! ;p

ps : inspired by shoefind's post


The Smiling Girl said...

Oh u shud come and see my hair now!!
That stupid stylist didnt cut it correctly, and I am scared to go for a second cut!

Inder said...

haha... hair stylists could give really hair-raising experiences :P :P :P

Ramya said...

Exactly, these people never understand the term "not too short"
Air-headed duddos!

My days(Gops) said...

aiyo, idhu enakku theriaadha me enna telling'nu theriaadhu....

//too scared of the new one//
nnnaaan oru idea tharava? aiyo vendam....ahdu thaan theriaadhu nu solliteney......

BawangMerah said...

Never was a fan of rebonded hair. It rarely looked good on anyone. Curls though are a different story.

After you hair has grown a bit, go back to the old stylist. I'm sure she'll ask where you've been. just tell her you had your hair cut somewhere else, and add some 'ice' and tell her they weren't as good as her ;) I'm sure you get extra special cut just to make sure you stay with her.

If she doesn't then maybe it's time you found a new stylist. And this time bring a long a picture of the type of haircut you want Or worse comes to worse go botak la. heheheh. Come to think of it, Vis Kojak sounds nice heh.

KK said...

I feel you can still go to your old stylist...mathapadi hair styles pathi sollurathukku yenakku onnum theriyathu :)

Jeevan said...

Wish u to get a good stylist soon, who take care of our hair:)

geetha said...

Wow! Great roller coaster in finding a hair stylist. I find it difficult too.. because they never really listen to their clients, but only to themselves and do what they think is nice! Sometimes it is good, sometimes we just don't like that much of a change, right?! :P

Wanna me to help cut? Then you may appreciate them better ;) LOL!!

Keshi said...

Hairdressers can be maniacs. So always make sure u go to a reputed place.


Keropok said...

My haircuts are dead easy.

Lucky Star barbers in Luck Gardens, Bangsar.

Machine cut. Number 3 comb. All round.

Add RM5 for a shave.

12 mins, and I'm done.

F e r r a r i said...

One more hair cut post!!!

tilotamma said...

boy cut is the hardest to recover from...

tulipspeaks said...

okie now..tell me..whr u got ur hair curled? naanum seiyanum la :P


tulipspeaks said...

oh yea.. before i forget:

Selamat Hari Merdeka


Twisted DNA said...

Hmm... looks like there is a hairstyle-post season going on in the blog world!

visithra said...

Sg : opsy what did he do????

Lol tell me about being scared - its always scary!

Inder : yeah exactly - shudder ;p

Ramya : ehehee u could say that again ;)

Mydays : hehehe psst enna idea??

Bawangred : oh well it was easy to maintain ;p plus we likey the blow in the wind feel ;p

yeah curls are nice sexy just unbelivably hard to handle
Heheh good idea might try that if im feeling less guilty

lol picture? Grr they might be photo blind ;p hehehe botak? Hoi - vis kojak sounds nice in name only la ;p

Kk : ahh u too ? Well might try that if im feeling less guilty

Jeevan : aww thanks dear

geetha : i knew i wasnt alone ;p

heheh yeah prob deaf who knows ;p but can yap till sun rises!

I like change but it has to look nice - n not he tries to sell as nice - heheh no thanks me loves my hair ;p

Keshi : lol the funny thing is the old one is a small time hair stylist - the new one was a reputed place ;)

Keropok : ahem men dont have long hairs well most dont hence me not reading about ur barber! Bah! ;p hehee

Ferro : hehe inspired what to do ;)

tilo : hehehe yeah then theres the awkard time when the hair grows

Amu : at mines La*mode - hehehe curls are nice go do ;p n n get spiral or digital curls n show pic
Thanks gal - same to u ;)

Dna : well i got inspired hence the post ;)