Monday, August 14, 2006

Marking territory

Have you ever watched people who have newly fallen in love? One of them knows they're in love with the other but the other is oblivious to the tell tale signs.

Now these tell tale signs are called marking territory. Its mostly done unconsiously and it falls into the body language category. Most of the time the person doing it has no idea he/ she is showing such signs.

@ they don't really stick next to you but are pretty near always eyeing anyone else who dares get close
@ every gender of the opposite sex gets a warning look
@ jealous offtrack remarks go the way of the interest for the silliest things
@ the unconcious brushing of hands (each others)
@ the casual brushing of hair of face
@ the extra concern shown on said person differing from affection to other friends
@ the attentive gaze

This was brought to you by Prof V for the letter G and the number 1 ;p

Ps : observation of the weekend, heh the friend would kill me for all the fun we're having bullying said friend ;p

pss : finally am no longer the pavam main bullied victim


sreekrishnanv said...

he he he !! ... that was typical Tamil cinema !!
@ the unconcious brushing of hands (each others) - Kana kaanum kaalangal, 7g rainbow
@ the casual brushing of hair of face - Minnal Oru kodi - Vip and loads of other movies !!.

actually do these happen ? ... unconsciously !! lol !

btw: didnt expect my poem on the main page : Dankes !!

Aravind said...

enakku innum indha experience illa ;)
i'll tell u if i experience it ;)

Neha said...

LOL!!! m so glad u r not in my college :D

My days(Gops) said...

apppaaaala 'teacher'..
innaiku 'professor'
naalaiku? ennaku theriumey...

Balaji said...

watching for these telltale signs was probably the most important hobby in school/college! and it did pay dividends considering the fun we had once we spotted them :)

Gladtomeetin said...

Good Observations Visi...Watching this was a hobby during school n college times, esp when we are with fnds ;-))we'll make sure the couple know we are observing them :-)) CHUMMA :-D

sashi said...

Oh yes. I know all those signs very very well....

kG said...


Oh dear, how blur could I have been.

A similar series of these occurances happen to no suspision of mine.

*thinks harder*



Keshi said...

Really? I dun think I ever did any of that when I was newly in that prolly wasnt love? lol!


visithra said...

Sree : unfortunately its not cinema i watched - its a true story ;p

yes it does happen - most of the time the ppl are unaware of it ;p until u point it out to them

no probs - i loved it n im sure everyone else did too ;)

n small boys all wont know this ;p

Aravind : it is very interesting ;p - ahha u better ;p

neha : hehehe ahha enna kathai ;p

Mydays : ennaku terilehyeh ? Enna?

Balaji : hehehe ah someone who agrees - yeah the fun of bullying is just awesome ;)

Glad : yeah n then everyone who realised it will excahnge knowing glances before the rail fun begins - bullying them! ;p ehhehe

sashi : ah long time since i saw you here ;) so you were the victim of the bullying or? ;)

Kg : hehe ahhh so do i get the story??
*Blinks innocently

keshi : thats probably coz you never did them and you were oblivious to ppl who were doing it :) and you probably didn't innitiate the love ;)

kG said...

perhaps, as a blogpost. hehehe.

As a matter of fact, yeah, it seems like something worth a post.

hmm... maybe this weekend, I might put it up.


My days(Gops) said...

(i knw this is 100 much.. )
he he he

sreekrishnanv said...

small boys huh ?? ... ya probably ... teach me "Paati" !! lol !

Balaji S Rajan said...

In our younger days girls will
* be petering... (speaking in English)
* and then give a nastly look at other boys
* they used to bend to adjust their chappals
* and walk as if they are miss world
* they will dress well and visit temples often (mind you)

Aravind said...

//it is very interesting ;p - ahha u better ;p//

enna "aaha u better"... seekram experience panna solreengaLa, illa experience panna unga kitta sollanum nu solreengaLa? ;)

visithra said...

Kg : ooohhh so we get a lub dub post ;p ooh ooh

Mydays : adapavis ;p vitha politician akiruvingeh pohla iruhke

teriyiduhle 100 muchnu ;p

Sree : teach ah?? Hehe me no teaching all - only telling - if i said pehrandi u can call me patti ;p but nooooooooo i didnt ;o

Balaji s : hehehe so in ur days u used to sit on wall and sight adikuran?? Hehe

well all this still happens - but not all

errr me visit temple only to pray ;p ipdhilam sohningehna ehpadi

times havent changed much sir ;)

Aravind : adhe engeh kithe vandhu sollunu sohnen ;p but the other one is also ok - though ur mom will come after me ;p

Keshi said...

hmm yeah those r great reasons why Im still!


Usha said...

Perceptive and useful insights - will watch out for the next time in public!!

visithra said...

keshi : hehehe ah knowing it doesnt help too ;)

usha : heheh aiyoyo ithulam chumma than - but good entertainmetn

Anonymous said...

hi folks. You know how dogs mark their territory??? Thank god, humans dont do it that way!

SamY said...

my ooooh my ... luks like u'v started a live column down here ;)) he he

** @ the unconcious brushing of hands (each others)

ppl do this when they are nervous or have sweaty palms :)

** @ the casual brushing of hair of face

c'mno these r way too common even otherwise ... if someone if hoping to courte as well :D ... to make a better prospect ;) ... dun u think?

Gladtomeetin said...

This post reminds me of the dialogue few friends exchange in a hotel seeing the couples around in movie, "April Mathathil" :-)) That was a good one!

visithra said...

Samy : well thats brushing their own hands not the other persons ;p

lol not their own hair - the other persons ;p

ahha irundhalum ivlo blurah iruhkuradhu 3 much ;p

it is common - but the funny part is how it happens all the time

Glad : ahha cant remember though ;p thanks ;)