Friday, August 11, 2006

last orange glow

Dusk was setting across the horizon yet the waves never stopped their onslaught against the sandy beach. Two figures stood close yet apart each at different angles. Their body language said it all, all was not right in their world.

"So this is it...."

"I guess so..... Do we have a choice?"

"No there's no other way"

"alright then.... Good bye"

"why did we have to meet? Life would have been simpler if we hadn't ...... No heartbreaks.... no hearts to mend"

She smiled a weak smile. "Ah but love - we would have not known the wonder of love and for that we shall thank our stars"

As the sun glowed its last orange glow against the darkening skies, she left leaving behind the love that once was.

Ps : total fiction - ithu no 1964, 1954, 1994 so no calling me patti petti


Harsha said...

Nicely done :)

But only weak minded think about suicide. Its cowardly, dont you think so?
To fight for something you want is what life is all about. :)

visithra said...

suicide??? lol am against that

they just parted ways ;)

Harsha said...

My mistake, missed a line there :)

Inder said...

haha... practically speaking, parting is not that heartbreaking. people separate only when they decide that it is better for them to be separate. infact they should be glad while parting :)

Balaji S Rajan said...


Why this 'Sogam'. Pavam... you are so saddistic ... Pavam... atleast in illusion why you want to give a sad end... Seri.. did they part away thinking of their respective would be's... ? Do not see TV serials..

Nirek said...

This story fits my current situation perfectly....can I cross blog it in my blog....??

Me said...

oh comeon....u r a paati....i'll tell all the vetti gumbal to call u that.....:p

tulipspeaks said...

a cekap one!


Ramya said...

So what if there is no date affixed ?!?!
U'll still remain a paati for all those stories that you post

Syam said...

enna solla vareenga...pethi oda love ah paati part panniduvaana :-)

Aravind said...

nice one!!
story starting l naanum suicide pathi thaan solreenga nu nenachen! :D

BTW, neenga thaan already paati aayittengaLe... so, inimey paatti thaan! :P change panna mudiyaadhu!

Me said...

forgot this.....

vaira mookuthi pota visit paati.....:))))

My days(Gops) said...

ai, idhu 2001'nu sollalaama...

neenga story'avey solliteeenga..
(nadula maaney theney'nu podalai'a? (adhuthaanga guna style)
abirami abirami..
(bcos, its happening like this somewhre in the corner of the pacific island )

eppadi, eppadi, eppadi'maa ippadi ellam? (sivaji style'la padinga)..
(adhuvaa coming'nu neenga sonnaa, ungalukku again oru *tsh tsh*)..........

ps:-ai, enakku indha story munnadiey therium'la therium'la therium'la..
appppaaala, real'avey muniamma kanakaaa oru ponnu en'aaanda solliginu pochi'ey.....

My days(Gops) said...

orange glow'nu sollitu 'orange'a kannualai'ey kaatalai'ey?

Jeevan said...

"As the sun glowed its last orange glow against the darkening skies" WOW!

sreekrishnanv said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sreekrishnanv said...

as i read thru the lines it flashed in me as thamizh poetry ... probably this is my first poetry !!

Avan Kannil ulla Kanneerai Aval parka
Aval Parvayil ulla mayakkathai ivan unara
Iruvarum salaiyoram Kaikorthunadantha
antha malai nerangal - nenjil inikka ...
indru yeno intha iniya malai inikkavillai.

manathil barathodu kortha kaigal vidai pera -
Ivan ninaithhaan,
yetharkaaga nee vandhai en vazhkkaiyil ?
Kadhal enbathai unaracheiyvatharkka ? -
aahaa ..thithithadhey andha nodi !!

howazzat !! ... u think its ok ?

Keshi said...

ur becmong a great story-writer girl :)

**we would have not known the wonder of love and for that we shall thank our stars"

sweet line.


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geetha said...

Hi.. I'm back :)

Nicely written.. Hmm, you must compile them ;P

visithra said...

Harsha : hehe its good u missed - so u didnt guess the ending ;)

inder : actually there are different partings - so there are times hearbreak is for both n there are times its only for one

balaji s : eheheh well normally i write sweet ones illehya - so this is for a change ;)

ithu no serial ;) no parting thinking of would be's ;p

Satu : hummm hope alls well - n yes u can cross blog it

me : i am iam?? Heh vetti gumbal got better story to munch on ;p

amu : thanks ma ;)

ramya : adapavi kutty ennathu - me thinks should dub u patti ;p he he eh

syam : ahha kehlambi vandutingehla? Cheh pathi yoh pethiyoh - ipdhi kalaikuradhu thappu illeh!!! ;p

Aravind : thanks ;) nah me dislike suicidal stories - appo appo directorku dos kuduhkanumnu tohnum - ahha kehlambitiyeh - me always petti not patti bah!

Me : aarhghhhhhhhhh athu ihnum nyavagam iruhka??? Waste!!!

visithra said...

Mydays : 2001 ah? Humm

hehehe ehnaku antha song pudhikum ;p fully memorised ;p

yeah its a realistic story - ehhehe nengeh tsh tsh sohlikahlam ;p

ps : ahhha apdhiyacha - rombeh kindhitehno?? Paravaleh paravaleh freeavidunge

Entha orange?? Sathukodi ah illeh sun tv ah? ;p

Jeevan : thanks ;) i like that line too

Sree : u know the poem is briliant - ethani tareh sohnalum the briliance wont go ;)

Keshi : thanks ;) that was the message i was going for ;)

Susie ponnu : ahha amma pecha thatatha ponna iruhkingehle

nengeh rebel ah iruhkanum - ipdhilam amma sohlradhe kehka kudathu

Geethz : yayssssssss ure back ;)

thanks ;) ahhh lets see ;)

Hip Grandma said...

were these memories of a previous birth?i don't see this happening these days.

visithra said...

hipgran : nah but it does happen - we just dont see it

SamY said...

hmm so this is how a perfect break-up happens :)

visithra said...

samy : perfect breakup? theres such a thing? ;p