Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kuala Lumpur wake up!!!

I laud the governments move to want to retain the architectural heritage that marks the wonder of Kuala Lumpur. However forcing a person out of his building is not the way to retain a heritage place!

Most buildings in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman have been operating as shopping places for ages. The government plans to convert Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman into a lane of theater. How is this achievable? Do they plan to forcible evacuate all shop owners on that street the way they are trying to evacuate the owner of Coliseum?

"National interest surpasses any other interest. If the Government feels that certain monuments and premises are suitable for further rejuvenation for arts and culture, or any public purpose, for the matter, land acquisition, specifically (under) Sections 4 and 5 (of the Land Acquisition Act), could be invoked by the Government," he said.
Wow I didn't know we were living in a communists state, where one has no stability despite owning a property.

Why do they have to target a building that has been well maintained and used for ages. There are so many abandoned buildings dotting the city, why hasn't the government worked on preserving those buildings. At the corner of that very street you'll find a colonial shoplot waiting to be refurbished. So why haven't they picked that place? It faces dataran Merdeka and would be an ideal place for the development of arts and culture.

Or if we need a bigger place, why can't the government take over Rumah Bok. Just weeks ago there was word of the place heading for demolition. Rumak bok which served as a fine dining place for 43 years, would be an ideal place to be converted into a theatre of sorts. Just a short distance from KLCC the most sought after tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur, the place could be the ideal tourist hub for  the development of arts and culture.

Look at Penang, learn from them. They have done a wonderful job at preserving heritage buildings. Every street in Penang has been well maintained. You don't see the state government asking banks to evacuate so it could be turned into theatre! You don't see the government forcing people to leave their homes on Armenian Street. However they have done so much more to ensure this buildings are well preserved, well taken care off and this has managed to attract people from all over the world. Not moves to acquire a building that is already doing well!

I wrote about coliseum some time back, because to me it was a part of our history, a history shared by so many people. How I wished I'd one day be old as a granny and yet still be able to watch movies there.

Please preserve our heritage buildings, just don't go about acquiring ones owned and well maintained. Please leave COLISEUM ALONE


Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

We seem to have lost the plot. *SIGH*

tulipspeaks said...

yeah!! save our Coliseum!!
how about turning up there this week? ;) to show our support?
Something Something Ennakum Unnakum (ahem)


Inder said...

government should have valid reason for the way it acts :)

My days(Gops) said...

idhai naaan vanmai'a kandikiren..
(appada, visithra'ku serthu koral koduthaachi)...
puliodharai oru parcel podhum enakku...

Jeevan said...

which government is hearing others wish, what they think are correct. ammuth was also worried about the coliseum in her recent post. i think this week there will be a big protest by Visith & Ammutha's group. wish every thing will go well.

visithra said...

Daniel : yes hopefully we can get rid of it

Amu : yeah!! save our Coliseum!! ;)

Inder : not necessarily - there are so many other options actually

Mydays : ada idhuku ehpadi parcel??

Jeevan : nah u can always make ppl listen - theres a lot of ppl protesting - so lets hope it works