Monday, August 07, 2006

kisses are yuckie

Thanks everyone for the comments on the sunday morning post. Everyone tells me I should go for it but I'm still contemplating. There are a lot of reasons stopping me but mostly I do not want to end up abandoning them coz I have no choice.

A long time back I wrote this, on the classes I used to teach, the love I had for the teaching. Unfortunately I do none of those now, not by choice but by the situation I was dealt in. Ignore the politics and go ahead? Who will answer the children if history repeats itself?

Incidentally I met one of my old students when I was out for dinner. He was one of my favourites, not because he was the best but because he was a dark horse. He was extremely shy and in a class filled with gals, its not easy to sing when you're having problems with the tone. But I loved his determination, most boys would have backed off if they had no partners in crime to fall back on.

I also knew the teacher ignored him and had stopped correcting him a long time back. So whenever I took over the class, I'd make him sit close and hear him individually and it did work and I was very sure one day we'd be able to solve the problem.

That's what I used to do with all the boys, I'd sit them close to me and the naughty ones were threatened with kisses! Believe me at that age kisses are yuckie! But it did work, they learnt and we had fun.

Then things happened and I couldn't teach them anymore. Finally I left for other reasons.

Today there's been so many change in teachers, the children are losing their hold.

What could have been is no longer a reality. All I could do was nod, listening to them.

It is one thing to put up childrens hopes, its another to crash them.....



Keropok said...

Dang, Vis... a teacher like you I would have been naughty all the time!!! ;)

Inder said...

hahaha... kisses could be real embarrassment :P
being a guy in a class full of girls is scary :) a friend of mine went through such experience. he was the only guy in the class full of girls. his attendance during the first semester was erratic. in second semester he hardly attended classes. he failed in all the papers. ultimately he discontinued his m. sc. he was scared of entering the classroom :P

Anonymous said...

Anyway,choice is yours.All the best.

BawangMerah said...

It's ok. You must never do something you're not comfortable with. It's a bit dejavu for me, because it's the second time I've heard a person tell me the same thing. Politics preventing them from teaching the kids. It was pretty painful when it happened though I was not directly involved, I was mad too. I hope one day things would work out. But sadly those things are not in our hand to decide though.

Ramya said...

Oh i'm a really troublesome student too !

Btw, did i tell u, i love ur banner !

My days(Gops) said...

gud morning teacher...

Ariel said...

u do 1 to 1 for adults tak?

Aravind said...

LOL teacher-akka... gud post :D

kG said...

Ariel : I do 1 on 1 for all. oh wait? you were asking about Sangeetham izzit? hehe.

Vis: What I'm going through, can't be explained. Just being here is like digging open a healing wound.

It has just fallen apart. The politics have increased, actually, it is run on politics full time now! Their primary vision has been lost. There is no air here, circulation of air, that is. Whatever air is in is recycled, over and over again.
It's bound to face a major boom soon.

Jeevan said...

i too got a Lovely(anbulla) tution teacher, who sit closer to me and teach, i learn how to write and read english only from her. Nice to know u are very sweet teacher:)

visithra said...

Keropok : ahha - ahem the rule was only for under 8 kids ;p

Inder : hhehe yeah especially for small boys ;)

oh man at that age id assume hed have gotten used to gals - wow the things women are capable of ;p funny but poor guy

anon : errr i guess so

bawangred : yeah sadly its not something thats in our hands to decide - i guess you understand what im worried off

ramya : hehhe me too ;p but teachers didnt know it ;p i was the mastermind behind the plans ;p aww thanks ;)

mydays : lol intha lollu thanne vehndamgurathu

Ariel : u already know ;)

Aravind : hehehe thanks ;) n u know thats how the called me ;p

Kg : heheh ahh yaloh ariel can ask u ;p

i think i know what you mean - thats why i left - couldnt take it anymore
The primary vision was lost for a long time - just wasnt so obvious - now that hes gone - its all hell - i know heard about the tussle

Jeevan : aww thats nice - make sure u learn well - we already know ure doing good ;) yeah i was thanks ;)