Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Girls will be girls

A bunch of us were sitting at our friends living room after a day of wandering the town eating pizza. The boys made the mistake of asking a bunch of gals out shopping. The end result the guy couldn't find what he wanted but the gals found a few things!

Anyways there we were discussing Monday blues when someone switches on Sun TV and the independence day programme list comes on. First up was Jeyam Ravi and in a split second we discussed he was cute. Then seconds later Vishal came on tv and 2 of us started laying claim on the tall dark hottie. Then a few more ads passed without any reaction from us. Poor boys there weren't really any actress they could look at.

Suddenly the whole room screams and the boys start blinking in confusion!

Vereh ohnum illeh : Surya than! ;p (surya's a hot southie actor)

boys : kathu kilinjathu da - ihnimeh oru meter thaliyeh ukahranum ;p
Eng : my ear drums are gone - we better sit a metre away next time!

Ps : Independence Day wishes to all Indian Citizens


Inder said...

yeah... and boys will remain boys :P

Balajoe said...

Never mind...we boys will soon have channel 74 in Astro to watch out for...hehe

Balaji S Rajan said...

I pity those boys... Pavam idhu thaan..." Vaangi Kattikaradhu " LOL... anyhow thanks for few important informations like who is now hottie and stuff about Surya. Girls..are girls and boys are boys...

My days(Gops) said...

//girls will be girl//
adhu eppadi neenga sollalam? thappu thappu (gilli style)...
paati ellam endha kanakku?
sollunga please.......

he he he...

//the whole room screams //
idha onnu correct'a ella naatu girls'um nalla therinchi vaichi irrukeeeenga.....


sreekrishnanv said...

//The boys made the mistake of asking a bunch of gals out shopping. The end result the guy couldn't find what he wanted but the gals found a few things!//
Typical !! ..solli thaan theriyuma ...

//Jeyam Ravi and in a split second we discussed he was cute//
hayyoo hayyo !!

//Ps : Independence Day wishes to all Indian Citizens//

Neenga ?? ,... indian CITIZEN illaya ?

Aravind said...

//Vereh ohnum illeh : Surya than!

Wating for SOK?

Syam said...

ennathu ithu ennathunu ketkaren....we had NAMEEDHA's interview....we are from NDF (Nameedha Defense Force)our captain Vivek :-)

BawangMerah said...

Unrelated, but read at eatingchaos that the coliseum is going to be preserved :)


Hip Grandma said...

Happy Independance Day to you too.

Ganesh said...

V Happy Independence Day.
Ayyopavam pasangala sonnen.

tulipspeaks said...

awww...surya veh nyavagam paduthitinge... *wink wink


visithra said...

Inder : hehe who denied that! ;p

Balajoe : hehe i saw ;p but nahh theres more soaps there than sun ;p

Balajis : hehhe athuthan nah straightah kethuthene ;p but engehleh ethani kadhai ereh vechange teriuma ;p

heheh very important huh ;p well errr chumma time pass ; p

Mydays : aiiiii thatha enna yehn patti calling!

Hehe aprohm engehlukehlam oru trademark illehya ;p

Sree : hehehe but engehleh ehtani kadeh eeri yehrange vechange teriuma????

Still couldnt find what he wanted

hehe ungehlukehlam pohramai ;p

ps : nope ;) nengehlum ehmandutingehla? Im msian pa ;p

Aravind : yes yes waiting anxiously ;p
Syam : lol u had one interview - we had 4 ;p

but namitha??? Ahha sohlave illeh

Bawangred : i dont know it still looks like a takeover to me - just cleverly worded

hipgran : ahh u have to wait 2 more weeks - im a msian citizen ;)

Ganesh : ah but im not celebrating ;)

hehee cheh cheh

amu : ethoo ehnal mudinjathu ;)

My days(Gops) said...

adinga, enna y thaatha calling?
naan ungala paati'nu sonenaa?

i mean
////girls will be girl//
girls ellam oru naal paati aaguvaanga..appppa venum'na naan ungala paati nu koopudren....

deal ok?

Harish said...

i thot we were prolly the 1st ones to bully u! :D

geetha said...

I like Surya too.. so so cute!
Don't care if the guys ear drums are hurt.. we have to cheer our favourites, right? ;)

@nith@ said...

hey..1st time in ur blog..and got the chance to talk abt surya..
he is really cute and i totally agree with u

Shiv said...

ViMaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....I missed tat interview...how was it?????????????

Jeevan said...

Nalla sight adichiya visith!lucky girls, but boys thaan pavan Trishavum illa Asinuma illa (i dont like Namitha) very bore. But enjoyed the flag hosting programs of our leaders.

Bindu said...

aaaan, Surya was looking sooo cute. Did you get to listen to Jillunnu oru kaadhal songs?

Listen to NewYork Nagaram.. awesome :D

Gladtomeetin said...

Ofcourse dear...We are meant to be ;-))

visithra said...

Mydays : hehehe ithu nalla deal - nyavagam vechiko - u patti calling me thata calling ;p

Harish : heheh nah u definetly weren't ;p kiddo hows u ;)

Geetha : hehehe yaysssssss u too ;) yes yes we must ;p

Anitha : welcome here ;) hehehe yeah he is really cute ;p

Shiv : me too missed it - donno what i was doing - only watched vishals ;p

Jeevan : ahaha nnah pahkave illeh - wrong timing - then was out ;p

heheh ahha athan me said paavam boys ;p

Bindhu : welcome here ;) oh yeah he is - droolishes

i have - love the songs - n yes NewYork Nagaram is the top on the favs ;)

Glad : hehhee aye aye ;)

The Smiling Girl said...

Suriya is one hottie man... I like him...

visithra said...

sg : hehhe everyone likes him ;)