Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fav Song

If you could choose only one song as your favourite song what will it be? And why

Ps : my answer will come later ;p


Harsha said...

Maaeri by Euphoria. I dunno why but its just awesome!!!!

In Tamil, I like piraye piraye from Pithamagan, I dont understand all the words, but once i got it translated for me, and the lyrics were just beautiful and touching.

Numb - Linking park is another fav of mine....Its got great lyrics and sometimes when I am too stressed, I just play it loud on my headphone and all noises in my head are killed :D

Inder said...

it is impossible to single out just one song as favourite... some of the songs that come to my mind are:
- kanne kalaimaane from moondraam pirai
- en vaanile and kaatril endhan geetham from jonny
- megame megame from palaivana cholai (i adore vani jayaram)
- porale ponnuthayi from karuthamma
- oru maalai from ghajini
- uyirin uyirae from kakka kakka
and hundreds more...

Aravind said...

most difficult task!!!
20 select panna sonnaa kooda i will struggle!!!! :D

Jeevan said...

Ondra Eanda solla.... athu our periya list'a irukku, eaduthu vidatta. My Latest Favorite is Munbay va, en anbay va.... kuda va, en Urira va... form Jillunu Oru Kadhal.

Keshi said...

Just one? awww too hard..but lets just try for this post then :)

Gloria by Laura Branigan


sreekrishnanv said...

Sattena Vazhindathu Nenjam Sakkarai aanathu kanner !!
- Kannathil Muthamittal !!

Ultimate !! (Although i would still make other choices)
This one came immediately..

Ramnath said...

shivoham (pandit jasraj)

SKM said...

Just one?.... too hard...
okay!udane mansil vara ore pattu
Film:GUNA song:kanmani anbodu

Balaji S Rajan said...

As everyone says to decide on one song is difficult... We can't say like ..jangu chakka..jingu chakka...dabbbarii...dubba.. dubari..dabba...

OK... I would prefer

Nila Kaigirathu by Hariharan for the melody (If Tamil)

Khabi Khabi mere dil mein (Hindi)

My days(Gops) said...

neenga eppadinga 'one favorite song'nu ketkalam? sky'la ulla stars'a count panna mudiumaa? ada mudiuma? mudiuma? mudiuma?

one of my fav song'nu sonna, andha 'song' kovichikum.
sollati, indha song kovichikum....
neenga vera kettuputeenga.
paasakaara makka., sollama irruka mudiaadhu... so,
wait a minute for a minute...naan oru calculation podanum.....

A square minus B to the power of xyz = square root of the mathematics = newtons physics law...
ada cha, ennathai'o yosichi paartha maths calculation illa varudhu.......mmmm enna pannuradhu...

hey nee innum song'a sollavey illa. appadi thaaney neenga asking?
solluvom'la solluvom'la solluvom'la..

dension aaagiteengala? cool cool..(konjam siringa please)

My days(Gops) said...

well favourite'nu solla pona, counting'ey panna mudiaadhu....but,
(aarambichitaan'da aarambichitaan)

1. Vandhenda paalkaran from Annamalai => this is the first and last song, naan stage'la paadunadhu (4th std padikkum bodhu)

2. hey hey keetchi killi'ey song from mugavari => childhood crush'la irrukum bodhu my x adikadi paaduna paaatu..(ennadhu childhood'a?nu u asking? cool'ma
kaludha vayasuthaan..but, public'la decency maintain pannanum illa....)

My days(Gops) said...

sorry'mga neenga ketta Rs.2/- kelvi'ku naaan Rs.10/- ku answer panniten....

(apppaala naan sonnen illa? naan pesa maaten, once pesa aaarambichitaa..non stop thaan'nu)

myself :- dai gopi, vududa, romba too much'a irruku....visithra romba feel pannuraaanga, ivan kitta poi oru kelvi ketom'nu...

he he he.....

BawangMerah said...

Just one is too hard. So many but to only pick one. I try...

All Or None - Pearl Jam

The words, vedder's voice and the guitar solo towards the end. This is a mainstay in most if not any playlist I make.

tulipspeaks said...

aha.. only 1??

okie.. then it must be my all time fav: kanne kalaimane from moondram pirai :)


Prasad said...

tough one - but one of my all time favorite is 'malarnthum malaratha' song from paasa malar. I know you didn't have that in mind :P

ada-paavi!!!! said...

i vote for

'naan oru muttalungo'

its an old song, and i guess its ur fav song

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

ada paaavi :D

Keshi said...

omg AMU I LOVE That song!


Hip Grandma said...

'kurai ondrum illai' by M.S. Subbalakshmi.

visithra said...

Harsha : i probably should list one in all genres n language ;p but that was not the qs was it? Sigh ;p

interesting choices - not the usual bunch ;) - ah so we know which one touches you and which one heals you ;)

Inder : it is actually - i had such a hard time too - but decided i will choose one ;)

but since uve listed it heh will tell u kanne kalai maane n oru malai r in my list too ;)

aravind : aww but u could try ;) hehehe i know once u open to more than 1 its entirely difficult

jeevan : heheh everyone does huh - i like that one too but - new york nagaram is more wow to me

keshi : ur music collection is awesome - we're always hearing something different from u ;)

sree : nice choice ;) wow to get it immediately u must really love this song - coz it took me some time to think

ramnath : welcome here ;)

this must be a song that speaks to the soul ;)

Skm : wow i love that song too - i used to have it memorised ;)

visithra said...

balaji s : hehehe janngu chakka?hehehe

hey i love hariharans version better too - it was sadder ;)

n for once i know the hindi song - its an old one right ;)

Mydays : hehehe mudiumeh!! Sohlithenne ;p

Ada ivlo calculation panni song-ah kahnum

Ahha songleh ivlo history iruhka?? - stagele padhuningehla - oru post pohduradhu ;p

ihnoru songum story ah? - ithu nalla iruhke - kathe sohlratu ;p

ungehluku kaluda vayasu nengeh sohli than teriyuhnuma? Tsh tsh - we all already knowing ;p hehehe

Athuthan engehluku pudhikum - ketha neriya bathil vahranum ;p nahnum vala vala party than ;p

bawangred : hehe tell me about it hard a hard time picking ;)

See i knew u were the rocker dude ;p

Amu : i love that song too ;) n i think everyone does ;)

Prasad : welcome back ;)

interesting choice - you've got a thing for old songs? Is it the lyrics or the music

i do like old songs but fav not really ;)

adapaavi : hehehe u do know the meaning of the song right? The sarcasm? Oh wow i didn't know you thought so highly of me ;p

vijay : ada paaviyeh than ;p

keshi : hehe me too

Hipgran : you know - thats my soul song - all i have to do is listen or sing that song - n on numerous occasions ive had tears flow ;)

Keshi said...

Visithra I just love music too much...I dig old and new and any language...cos music is music to me and as long as it reaches my soul.


visithra said...

keshi : like me - but theres just too many music out there to follow all ;)

Karthik B.S. said...

"Anjali anjali" from Duet.
My all time favourite!

visithra said...

karthik : nice one ;) that movie had lovely songs

Usha said...

oh that would depend on the mood of the moment. But may be i will select the oldest favorite: "Thullada manamum thullum" I am supposed to have lisped this song as a one year old!

visithra said...

usha : u used to lips it ? aww nice one