Monday, April 11, 2005

Sincerest Apologies

How stupid can a person be???

Really seriously how stupid can they be??

How irresponsible can a person be?

Truth is I’ve been fuming my head off since 11pm Friday night.

Oh by the way I’m back to sweet old Malaysia. :)))

But first let me finish mumbling and grumbling - I so want to and definitely deserve to!!! :p

See as you guys know, I mooted the idea for the CBM, which took place on the 9th of April 2005 at St Thomas Mount.

I WAS SUPPOSED to have arrived in Chennai at 5.30 am on 9th of April 2005 but here’s what actually happened.

I normally do my own travel arrangements but because we were going with one group and everyone was using one travel agent, so I left everything to them. So the night before I left for India, I called her (yep its a her) up and asked is all ok, tom morning, my passport and tickets are with you. Yes, yes don’t worry all's ok.

So cutting that story short, I arrived at Coimbatore on time and all went on as scheduled. See travel agent was also travelling with us and had arrived on the 6th night and that's when I saw her for brief time. My performance was the next morning, so I thought I’d catch her after that and reconfirm my travel arrangements back to Chennai.

That evening, the next morning and Friday evening, she was no where to be seen and everyone from Malaysia was looking for her, to reconfirm their travel arrangements. So since I never saw her and she never contacted me, I assumed all was well and I got ready to leave but I kept getting the feeling that something was going to go wrong.

Friday night by 11pm I was packed and dressed to leave for the airport when my roomate walks in fuming. She starts grumbling her ticket has been messed up and she's leaving earlier then planned. The feeling of something was wrong grew stronger. I dialed her hotel number, hoping she’d be in. She was and here’s what she had to say :

Me : Hi akka, Visithra here my flight is all set for tonight right?

She : No you’re leaving tomorrow afternoon at 2pm by train.

Me : Huh???????

There I was all packed and ready with no flight or travel arrangements at bloody 11.30 in the night. Called my friend up to see if I could get an earlier train to Chennai. Friend tells me reservation counters are closed at that hour. There’s a 6.15am train but I’ll have to try my luck, no promises. At that moment I wasn’t feeling so lucky, I wasn’t in a good mood either.

Put the phone down and nearly screamed my head of with censored grumbling. What to do was sharing the room with a 9 year old and his mom. The mom joined me in the censored grumbling.

How irresponsible could she be.

She didn’t even have the courtesy to call me and tell me about the changes, oh for heavens sake she could have left a message with the hotel. Noo she was so stupid to assume I held a phD in mind reading.

Sighhh And who in their right mind books a ticket in the middle of the afternoon in Summer, and one which arrives at a god forsaken time?????

And sadly I wasn’t the only one she messed up the travel arrangements, what kind of crap job was this. Use me and I will leave you high and dry or even stranded.


Stupid! Idiot! Stupid! Idiot! Stupid! Idiot! Stupid! Idiot! Stupid! Idiot! Stupid! Idiot!

So that is how I missed the bloggers meet I mooted. That's how I missed meeting everyone. So sorry, I’m still upset about her stupidity. Would anyone care to donate some brain to her, even a used one would be far more better than what she has.

Because of her, I spent every blessed waking hour and minute yesterday running around Chennai like a madwomen no breakfast no lunch, trying to squeeze 2 days of things into one.

I heard you guys had fun without me, about 11 people turned up huh. I’m still irritated with this years number 1 stupid women.

I couldn’t call anyone as well since, I didn’t take down anyone's number besides Sudhir’s.

At least I had bajji :pp

Thanks Sudhir for tempting me to go get some despite all the running I still had to do.

Once again sorry people. Shall come visit your blogs later and grumble somemore :ppppp

Damn I so wanted to meet you guys, I even had small cute gifts.



Harish said...

need help w/ the censored grumbling? :)

cha, I was really lookin fwd to meet ya, and wiggle that Pepsi treat outta u! :)

The next time u come over, we'll have a bigger meet. deal-a?

Harish said...

Oops.. silly me, marandhutaen.

how did the recital go? :)

visithra said...

I've been grumbling non stop for 4 days, and I don't plan to stop. All my friends will have to hear the grumbling and join me too hehehhehe

So go ahead grumble as well :p

Yeah I was so looking forward for the meet, all prepared to leave CBE...aaaaaaaaaaaa

Next time? Wokay okay :p I had small gifts for u guys sigh had to bring it back.

Lol not silly :p It was good will post about it. :p

IBH said...

Hey Visit,

Welcome back! Sorry to hear that yaar!!! anyways am happy u had a safe otherwise how was ur trip?

Kay said...
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Kay said...


Visithra is back :)
Enakum serthu sappitu ivulo kundu aaayitu vanthu iruke :)

Kay said...
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visithra said...

IBH : Thanks - yeah so sad had such little time in fav Chennai - trip was good though - will update :p

Kay : Yayyyyy I'm back toooo hehehhehe - lol athu enna 3 posts avlo excitement huh?

Unnaku ehlam sapdha mudhiathu apohveh sohnenlehhh - nonsence :p