Thursday, August 25, 2016

Paal vadhiyum mugam

One of my favourite krishna songs. The thing with Krishna is, there is a song for every human emotion that relates back to him. Be it a mothers love for the little Krishna with milk flowing down his lips or for the Radhe in love with her Krishna. This song by Ootukadu Venkata Subbaiyer starts with a mothers love and rest can be interpreted as you want or your emotions then

paal vadiyum mugam ninainthu ninainthu en uLLam paravasam migavaaguthE kaNNaa - my heart leaps with joy as I see your beautiful face stained by milk neelak kadal pOlum niraththazhagaa - with skin as blue of the ocean, you are so beautiful enthan nenjam kudi koNda anRu mudhal inRum enthap poruL kaNdum sinthanai sellAdhozhiya - you rule my heart and nothing can move my thoughts away from you vaana mugattil saRRu manam vanthu nOkkinum un mona mugam vanthu thONudhE - in the nook of my heart, at a moments thought, your beautiful moon like face appears theLi vaana thaNNeer thadaththil en sinthanai maaRinum un siriththa mugam vanthu kaaNudhE saRRu - i see your beautiful smilling reflection in the clear pool of water gaanak kuyil kuralil karuththu amainthidinum angum un gaanak kuzhal Osai mayakkudhE - even as the birds sing, the beautiful sound of your flute, mesmerises me karutta kuzhalodu niRutta mayiliRag-iRukki amaitta tiRattilE - with a flute, and a peacock feather in your hair, gAna mayilADum mOnakkuyil pADum nIla nadiyOdum vanattilE - in a forest filled with dancing peacocks, singing birds, by the blue river kuzhal mudal ezhilisai kuzhaiya varum isaiyil kuzhlodu miLir iLang-karattilE - there in the midst of the forest music, your beautiful flute mesmerises us kadirum madiyum ena nayana vizhigal iru naLinamAna salanattilE - and your eyes dance to the tune of your music, as we stand mesmerised by the haunting music and your expressive eyes kaLinga sirattilE kaditta padittilE en manattai iruttik - There you are standing thriumphly on Kalingan's head, holding my breath and soul with it kanavu ninaivinodu piRavi piRavi tORum kaninduruga varam taruga param karuNai - i wish to be reborn in every birth with all these thoughts in my mind, oh please grant me this wish, oh kind benevolent one Ah what beautiful lyrics. Didn't post the song to translate this but as i was listening to it felt a need to translate the gem that it is. Btw there is an appropriate age for a dancer to do each Krishna. I find it very disconcerting to see a child dance and express radhes passionate love for Krishna. (yes it happens)

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