Wednesday, February 03, 2016

I'm an organ donor? Are you?

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I became a registered organ donor in 2008. That wasn’t the first time I had heard of organ donation. You see my dad was a kidney transplant patient. Naturally I knew about the importance of organ donation from as early as 1992 when he was first diagnosed with kidney failure. And no it had nothing to do with alcohol but rather a childhood injury and blood pressure.

So why did it take me that long to register?

Somewhere in time someone had engraved into me that a person isn’t complete without all their parts. At some point that year I identified that this was what was stopping me.

I had realised that it’s silly to be obsessed by the completeness of the physical body, for isn’t death and birth about the soul?

Organ donation saves lives. Your contribution can make a difference to at least 5 people.

So what if your body is disfigured. You’re already dead. You don’t need a body anymore. Yet in your death you could have saved the life of 5 other people.

Funeral’s are for the living to grasp the lost of a loved one. You remember the memories you had with the person than the way they looked at their funeral.

All you have to do is google for Gift of Life Malaysia, fill up the form and mail it to the National Transplant Centre in GHKL. It took 2 months for my card to be sent to me but it eventually did arrive.

Do let your family and friends know that you are an organ donor. So that in the event of your death, drs are allowed to proceed as fast as possible. Every few years once I write on this so people will remember I am one, in the event I die in the near future.

Ps: don’t fret, I talk about death all the time. The moment you are born, it means you will die one day.

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