Monday, November 02, 2015

Urban Rain

Over the weekend I drove 430kms from Melaka to KL and more. 

I love long drives on the highway. Even better if the weather is beautiful. And it was! Blue skies and cotton candy clouds gradually turning into storm clouds.

Then the sky burst into a thousand drops and pelted the earth. Oh what beauty it was.

I drove back the very same night and the roads were clear yet foggy from the mist that forms when chilly drops of rain meets the musty heat of earth.

Oh what joy to drive fast, something I rarely do nowadays. You'd have to love driving to understand the joys of cruising down the highway with the radio blasting your favourite song.

Last night on the other hand I slowed down to a crawl as I drove back to the city from Klang. 

For the lights were dancing on the slightly wet tar road. And all I wanted was to cruise slowly and enjoy the sight of my city drenched in rain.

The urban rain series continues

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Somerset Wedding Gal said...

A great photo, the reflections are really captivating.