Monday, November 02, 2015

The King has left the building

#rajnikanth has left Malacca.#huntforrajni #kabali

I missed him by a few hours :( he left for kl from the half day shooting spot. So skip Malacca, he's now in KL.

After we spent a few hours circling the supposed shooting spot, we ended up at #ramadaplaza hotel where we met Keseven.

He told us about the first time he met Rajni. He stood frozen (hey looks like I'm not the only one!), despite knowing he was meeting him. It was Rajni sir that spoke to him and took his hand. And he finally asked back, "sir nalla irukingehla?" (How are you sir?) And Thalaiva said "naan nalla irukhen. Paarungeh" (I'm good, see. ) "Ethavathu sapadhu kadaikumma" "Ehna vehnummnu sohlungeh sar"

#thosaiyum meen kaari?" And that was what he mostly ate at the hotel where Keseven had the privilege to serve him for breakfast and dinner. (So lucky!!) Despite that, the photo of them with him was the only one they got as the security team wouldn't let them spend more than 10 minutes. Even that photo, Rajni sir was the one who asked them to take the photo.
Thalaiva doesn't eat much, and most times his dinner consisted of fruits and ice cream.
How was he, I asked.

He confirmed he was the most humble, lovely man they have met. Watching Keseven gush about Rajni was kinda enough though I failed to meet thalaiva. He was one of us, a fan in love and besotted with our thalaiva.

What did he think of the crowd, I asked again.
He felt sad that he couldn't meet all his fans but for brief moments.

And that is why we love Rajni sar. Coz the humble man loves us back as much. Every photo or moment we've seen of him has been nothing short of magical. He stands on cars, he waves from moving vehicles, he stops for crying fans and forces his driver to slow down so the fans can see him. "Don't worry about not seeing him. You can still feel his positive energy here! He is so radiant with positivity, we all felt it!," he adds.

Indeed despite not seeing him, just hearing about him was enough. Thank you for looking after Thalaiva.

The hunt continues, hopefully I get to meet him soon

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