Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Entitled generation - Gen Y

I was thinking about the lowyat incident. How could a thief be so entitled and dumb to attack someone at a place where they had been caught stealing.

Then it was revealed he was 22 and jobless and it made so much sense - ah the entitled generation.

This is the generation that believes that everyone owes them. that the moment they graduate they should be showered with money, should be able to buy expensive smart phones, drive high end cars and shop till they drop.

Didn't we just hear another Gen Y claim the same (Zahra?). Well they're not alone in their expectations. Ask anyone who interviews Gen Y and hires them. They will tell you stories of how much these generation thinks the world owes them, and yet barely deliver on what is expected of them.

They're not jobless coz there are no jobs, they are jobless coz they are unhireable or have been joining and resigning jobs every few months once. Basically unreliable candidates who blame everyone else but themselves. Just take a look at the resumes on Job sites. It is pretty amazing how so many have the same profile.

I've been saying that i have no idea how the world will be in 10 years time, when the job market should be filled with gen ys.

looks like we don't have to wait to find out.

A bunch just started a riot coz they felt entitled enough to lie and stir up other equally entitled and easily manipulated people.

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