Wednesday, April 08, 2015

You are beautiful

i dont have to even think. i would have choosen beautiful coz i am beautiful and i am beautiful for many people. and so are each of you. its okay if you don't think i'm beautiful, that's your choice and i cannot be beautiful for everyone.

i am very grateful for this confidence that i have given that since day one i have been told i am not beautiful for i do not have fair skin like my mother. do you know how many people have walked up to me and shamelessly said "oh such a pity you are not fair like your mother."

unfortunately for them i have always turned back and said, "why whats wrong with being dark. i love being dark and love that i have my fathers colour."

not being the typical size doesn't help either. but people forget that we are attracted to different types of people. there wil lalways be someone who thinks you AS YOU ARE are beautiful.

don't let people make you feel any less. say it after me - YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. and when someone tells you that, learn to say thank you and don't brush it off.

I love these campaigns by Dove. sincerely beautiful

Beautiful is not a bad word. it is a lovely word that can energise people. So you too learn to tell people they are beautiful. especially your loved ones, tell them often, of how beautiful you think they are. even if they brush it off, say it again until they learn to believe it. ‪#‎dove‬ ‪#‎beautiful‬

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