Friday, August 15, 2014

Your religion, my religion

When my father was diagnosed with kidney failure, numerous overzealous Christians, Muslims and atheist told us we should convert to their religion or give up religion (atheists) to save him. As their respective faith or no faith were the only cure for his disease. i was 14 years old and i had one question for them then

"Can you guarantee my fathers 100 percent recovery from kidney failure if i converted to your religion? or stopped having faith?"

No one could answer me then.

So to overzealous folks who feel a need to convert others.

If you can guarantee that you can bring back my now long dead father, I will convert to your religion. otherwise please take all your preaching attempts far away from me.

I am a very happy Hindu who loves her faith and knows no religion can guarantee anything.

PS: This post is in response to someone who tried to preach their religion to me on Twitter as below

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