Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Torez: Stuck in between a war and tragedy

One of the reports I read had this story about this man in Torez, Ukraine where MH17 crashed after being shot. He heard the loud crash and walked out of his house and found a childs body in his backyard.

Horrified and worried a dog might harm the childs body, he rushes to the local morgue with the child.

Somehow that story stuck to me. I have no words to describe what these people have witnessed, what they’ve gone through and are still going through.

I see them leave flowers and toys, I see them volunteer to help cover the victims or find and locate them. So many have done what they could in their limited capacity.

I know we criticise how things have been handled – the victims, the looting. But these are from what I can see and read a small town stuck in between a war and now a tragedy. The looting I believe was not by all but some heartless people but the pain is real. The hurt is real.

I don’t know what I would do if bodies rained all around me. I know I would be devastated. I am linked only by a plane and its people and I feel so much pain and lost. So imagine what they are going through.

So to the people of Torez, I hope you heal one day from this tragedy. I hope one day the images go. Thank you for doing your best in whatever limitations you had.

To the prime minister – I’ve said it before, I’m not a fan but what you have done for the victims family in this trying times of quietly negotiating for the release of the bodies – I thank you and your team.

The outmost concern here at this point of time is for the families and friends to have closure by getting back the bodies of their loved ones and for that we must thank the team and the PM who had to negotiate in the most diplomating, buruaecratic manner regardless of what we were all feeling.

And for those who still want to say "it's his job" - well the other much more powerful countries couldnt get what is most important now right? And might I add, I read this one yday, you don’t have the ‘real’ evidence. I believe the contract also included safe passage for investigators to the site of the crash.

"In recent days, there were times I wanted to give greater voice to the anger and grief that the Malaysian people feel. And that I feel. But sometimes, we must work quietly in the service of a better outcome - PM Najib."

To all those who have risked their lives to fly to war torn Ukraine in the midst of cross fire to cover this tragedy, investigate, negotiate – thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

To everyone who has had nary a wink of sleep since this tragedy shocked us all – thank you for staying up and doing your jobs in this trying times. I knew some of you who hadn’t slept for more than 48 hours in that first few days.

For those we were critical in those first few days – remember they too grief like us.

My only wish is that these families get the closure they deserve.

May the souls of all lost on MH17 rest in peace and may the families and friends find closure in the coming days. God bless.

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