Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Being nice pays

Being nice pays - Last week a waiter at an indian restaurant asked me and my colleague why we always thank them, he was only doing his job that he was payed for while wiping our table. So we told him coz you're giving us a service and we appreciate it and promptly thanked him after he was done. he was amused beyond words.

Sunday i ended up going for lunch at a regular restaurant without a single cent. i'd forgotten to go to the bank. i blinked at the counter, told the uncle i'll be back, rushed to the bank and came back to pay them. no questions asked, no wondering if i will pay, no asking for any guarantee.

yday another regular restaurant manager got the kitchen crew to cook me up a meal though they had already closed for last orders. there was no sigh or grudgingness - they were quite happy to get me my meal.

so say your thank yous, your please, one day someone will return the favour.

ps: my short term memory loss gets me in funky situations - not the first time i forgot money, not the first time someone sd no problem.

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