Sunday, May 12, 2013

the overspending of weddings

i attend more weddings than the average person. my family gets invited to one too many weddings and doesnt help am the official driver. 

in the last few years ive been noticing a worrying trend of overspending on the wrong things. now if ppl had that much money sitting around it wouldnt be an issue but most of this ppl dont. what happens is they finish up their savings, borrow here n there, max out their credit cards and vahla on their wedding day theyre marrying in debt. few mths down the rd they re struggling to make ends meet n end up borrowing more money. 

i just got back frm a wedding and frm what i saw heres the breakdown of expenditure though im sure its more than this.

headcount 1000

hall -     5000 
bridal     2000
decor - 40000
food -  15,000
gift -      1000
ent.        6000
dj.             600
priest.    1000
&video.   3000
pre-wed. 3000
gold.        2000
garlands.   500
clothes.    3400

gold price 1 pound rm 1000

thats a whooping 76500 that cld have been a downpayment for a house!! wth

cld they have afforded to spend this amount. no, they probably cleaned up the dads epf savings. they are too young to be able to have this much money. 

n mind u i havent included the wedding card cost, the unnnesecary engagement cost, honeymoon n more 

heres how much a simple temple wedding would cost

temple         1000
simple decor 3000

and lets add the same amt frm earlier minus the dj n ent. thats abt 28000.

my mom spent much less than this for my bros temple wedding and that too coz half of it was spent on buying jewelery for the bride. thats a better investment coz 20 years down the rd they will still have this. 

my mother insisted on doing an unnesecarry reception but it was done in an air conditioned mpsj hall that now costs rm600. spent abt 3k for stage n hall decor as well as tables n chairs. i did the kolam, hair n make up was abt rm300, i tied the saree, dj was abt rm400, with fd being the biggest cost. 

so when a wedding doesnt cost so much why are ppl starting their life in debt? n then spending the next 10 years disgruntled, jealous of things ppl buy, trips they take when they cld have done the same if they hadnt over spent? 

it would have been fine if they spent it on jewellery n clothes or photos. things u can reuse and re enjoy. but thats where people are barely spending their money. weddings are not expensive, your wants are. its becoming a competition to show off ones self. 

worse, end of the day theyll blame everyone frm their parents to the gov for their own overspending habits and predictment.

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ashok said...

something to think about...seriously!