Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thank you teacher ;)

i found my fav teacher on facebook so dropped her a msg for teachers day. on our last day in form 4 our maths teacher lectured us for 1 hour saying we were the most rude and annoying class in the world just because we questioned everything.

the very same day Pn Razamin our Add Maths teacher who we already loved volunteered to take over our maths class. on one hand we had two teachers who had denounced us, a headmaster who hated us and a staff room full of teachers who hated us and then we had this teacher who volunteered to take our class. As you can imagine we were amazed.

We saw a lot of Pn Razamin, all we ever did in class was Maths probs and she gave us pages and pages of homework everyday. She was a tough teacher who demanded a lot from us but she did that all with love. not enough most of us went for tuition with her as well ;p

The saddest day for us was when she left to pursue a career at UUM before the school session ended. But by then she had finished all our syllabus for both subjects except for one last chapter in Maths and prepared us for SPM. So we threw her a surprise party on her last day. Wonderful times. So Happy Teachers day to every teacher who has cared to be the inspiring beckon that they should be.  

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Anonymous said...

Missing you, don't know why.....more blogs please.....meantime, of course, keep well, all our prayers are with you......

Visithra said...

oh hello - sorry been busy n thank you for the prayers - you take care too