Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thank you teacher ;)

i found my fav teacher on facebook so dropped her a msg for teachers day. on our last day in form 4 our maths teacher lectured us for 1 hour saying we were the most rude and annoying class in the world just because we questioned everything.

the very same day Pn Razamin our Add Maths teacher who we already loved volunteered to take over our maths class. on one hand we had two teachers who had denounced us, a headmaster who hated us and a staff room full of teachers who hated us and then we had this teacher who volunteered to take our class. As you can imagine we were amazed.

We saw a lot of Pn Razamin, all we ever did in class was Maths probs and she gave us pages and pages of homework everyday. She was a tough teacher who demanded a lot from us but she did that all with love. not enough most of us went for tuition with her as well ;p

The saddest day for us was when she left to pursue a career at UUM before the school session ended. But by then she had finished all our syllabus for both subjects except for one last chapter in Maths and prepared us for SPM. So we threw her a surprise party on her last day. Wonderful times. So Happy Teachers day to every teacher who has cared to be the inspiring beckon that they should be.  

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

the overspending of weddings

i attend more weddings than the average person. my family gets invited to one too many weddings and doesnt help am the official driver. 

in the last few years ive been noticing a worrying trend of overspending on the wrong things. now if ppl had that much money sitting around it wouldnt be an issue but most of this ppl dont. what happens is they finish up their savings, borrow here n there, max out their credit cards and vahla on their wedding day theyre marrying in debt. few mths down the rd they re struggling to make ends meet n end up borrowing more money. 

i just got back frm a wedding and frm what i saw heres the breakdown of expenditure though im sure its more than this.

headcount 1000

hall -     5000 
bridal     2000
decor - 40000
food -  15,000
gift -      1000
ent.        6000
dj.             600
priest.    1000
&video.   3000
pre-wed. 3000
gold.        2000
garlands.   500
clothes.    3400

gold price 1 pound rm 1000

thats a whooping 76500 that cld have been a downpayment for a house!! wth

cld they have afforded to spend this amount. no, they probably cleaned up the dads epf savings. they are too young to be able to have this much money. 

n mind u i havent included the wedding card cost, the unnnesecary engagement cost, honeymoon n more 

heres how much a simple temple wedding would cost

temple         1000
simple decor 3000

and lets add the same amt frm earlier minus the dj n ent. thats abt 28000.

my mom spent much less than this for my bros temple wedding and that too coz half of it was spent on buying jewelery for the bride. thats a better investment coz 20 years down the rd they will still have this. 

my mother insisted on doing an unnesecarry reception but it was done in an air conditioned mpsj hall that now costs rm600. spent abt 3k for stage n hall decor as well as tables n chairs. i did the kolam, hair n make up was abt rm300, i tied the saree, dj was abt rm400, with fd being the biggest cost. 

so when a wedding doesnt cost so much why are ppl starting their life in debt? n then spending the next 10 years disgruntled, jealous of things ppl buy, trips they take when they cld have done the same if they hadnt over spent? 

it would have been fine if they spent it on jewellery n clothes or photos. things u can reuse and re enjoy. but thats where people are barely spending their money. weddings are not expensive, your wants are. its becoming a competition to show off ones self. 

worse, end of the day theyll blame everyone frm their parents to the gov for their own overspending habits and predictment.

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Monday, May 06, 2013

Time to listen, listen, listen

If GE13 had been only an urban fight Pakatan would have won hands down. I have said this one two many times, You and I are not the WHOLE nation. What happened to the rural folks wants and needs?

Your needs are not the same as them.

Your concerns are not the same as them.

Start analysing issues, problems and people in different areas before you make a conclusion.

Take a look at the results in Sabak Bernam – Parliament and N1 went to BN while N2 went to PAS by a small 400 vote margin. I’ve been there, folks are simple farmers who have probably received much help from the government in terms of agriculture. They aren’t poor but simple people, all they want is someone who listens to them, someone who cares about their problems not the other way around. They don’t want to hear your Rosmah stories or urban problems, what does that have to do with them?

Stop calling Sabah, Sarawak folks as corrupt or useless. Our lives are verydifferent from theirs, their problems are different and Pakatan needs to LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN (;P) to them if it wants to win these seats. And make sure your candidates are local ppl who are respected. And that’s why candidates like Bung Mokhtar will continue to win as he knows his ppl, he knows what they want, heknows their culture and your ppl don’t.

Stop telling people you’re focusing on the wrong things when they point all this out to you. I’ve gotten so much flack for pointing out problems in Pakatan governance in my area even though I have facts to prove my points and yet I was criticised non-stop.

Stop believing internet polls – it doesn’t represent the demography of the rest of the country.

Truth is Pakatan and its people lack one important point – the ability to listen to their weakness. You’re truthfully worse than BN in this department.

Ah but my area went to PAS and DAP so I must be wrong! No my area is made up of older folks who know what is going on and young urban voters, voting for thefirst time. Look at the winning margin. You’ll be surprised but BN ceramah’s in my area were actually attended by folks and we never go to ceramahs. You know why we never go? Coz our BN reps were contactable on the phone or you could walk in to their office. But the PEOPLE decided on UBAH and I respect that.

Butthis GE saw some amazing things as it did some horrible things


80% of 13.3 million registered voters turned up to vote all over the country. Wow that is an amazing number – pat your backs on that. I have been urging Malaysians to votefor years. This is YOUR right and am so PROUD of each one of you.

Today we saw the folks in one of the richest neighbourhood turn up to protect what they believed in. Once again let’s applaud the folks of Bangsar – you people ROCK. If you hear anyone ever put down Bangsar after this an elitist place, tell them heck no that community loves their place and will fight to protect it!

We saw racist frog Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Noordin kicked out with a big NO THANK YOU. Though I still wonder on the huge number of people who vote for him –scary scary

Also gone is Rais Yatim – woohoo

BN Kapar candidate Sakthivel lost – woohoo I am so glad he was not picked

Candidates like Rafizi, Ong Kian Ming and many more have won – and kudos for bringing the min but make sure they perform and not just spend the time fighting the party’s nonsense.

And do realise that not everything this two have quoted on the economy and education is viable or correct – I pointed out two points from their manifesto that lacks planning and was rather vague.

The Ugly
The sad sad bullying of Malaysians who didn’t subscribe to your opinion which was not only celebrated but was justified. Did you for once think that the person is a fellow Malaysian who has the right to make their OWN choice? Nope only your opinion mattered. So much for equal rights eh?

On voting day Malaysians proved that racial profiling and discrimination was very much alive as people justified the abuse and hatred that had been hurled at Malaysians who looked different from their perceived notion. Worse people justified the actions of these people as better safe than sorry.


If you’re upset that Najib said Chinese Tsunami than this should have made you upset as well.

Folks you do know historically India was split into three nations? Pakistani,Bangladesh and India? And folks from all three nations have called this countryhome thought the majority are from South India? Oh by the way folks from Assam/ Nepal look like Myanmar folks – bet you didn’t know that! Yes you have no idea who your fellow Malaysians are but you didn’t find anything wrong in attacking them?

Andwhat about all the name calling of foreigners? Bangla and Indon are rudenicknames and instead of attacking them you should be hitting at the people whobrought them in. they didn’t deserve tobe treated that way.
That brings me to the most important point

We want CHANGE but we won’t CHANGE

We justify racial profiling but we say we are against racism

We justify abusing a poor migrant worker who took an offer most of us would have taken if it was PR for some Western country

We shout NO more Corruption and yet don’t hesitate to steal from others, cheat our family and friends, legally steal from banks and then declare bankruptcy, steal TNB fibre lines,

We want equality but we justify race discrimination just look at how we treat folks who are in a position lower than us regardless of being a foreigner or Malaysian

Wewant equality but won’t question Mandarin only ads and justify it as oh if there’s Bumi rights then this isn’t a problem. Seriously? Where did the we are united phrase go now?

We want equality but we attack anyone that doesn’t conform to our opinions. What happened to I agree to disagee?

We want a bribe free country yet we justify giving a bribe to cops as summons are too expensive.
Let’s look at changing ourselves first before we change the rest.

Change begins with the man in the mirror, let’s work together to change us as Malaysians 


WhateverI need to say is written here – please read it and perhaps ask him to join youto transform BN. 

Time to transform as folks are aware of whats going on around them. Time to focus on results instead of blaming each other.

Stop idolising your leaders and point out their mistakes so they can become betterleaders.

Don’t forget YOU are the EMPLOYER and you need to monitor your staff. 

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