Sunday, April 21, 2013

You and I are not the voice of the WHOLE nation

I find it really funny when people call those who do not subscribe to their view point as stupid. You complain that people do not have choice and then you call those who decide differently as stupid.

This pretty much sums up the hypocrisy of the 2013 election on both sides. Both sides have been attacking each other non-stop. When one does something, the other criticises and when the other does the same thing, they conveniently forget about it. Both side supporters are so blinded by their party, it looks as if they’re worshipping these party leaders. Just see videos of political campaigns on both sides and you will see faces looking at these leaders as if they were god.

Worse part I have people who tell me I shouldn’t question Pakatan and should blindly vote them in for Change. SERIOUSLY?

Its 2013 and we are still voting based on parties. I want to bang my hit in the wall and cry for that is why we voted in useless candidates like Saravanan and Ibrahim Ali (BN); dude who shot a video (Loh Gwo Burn) and Zulkifli Noordin (PR) in 2008. Yes do not conveniently forget that you people voted in Zulkifli Noordin in 2008 (yes all you ppl in Kulim, Kedah- WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?) While Mr I-shot-a-video has been dropped (yay finally – darn I have to stop mentioning him now) Zulkifli Noordin (after being kicked from PKR not for racism mind you) is back under BN. (rolls eye).

With Najib continuously shouting he loves Indians, you wonder why he fielded this universally hated racist? A few days back I shared my theory on this –

“i have finally figured out why Zulkifli Noordin was fielded as a BN candidate despite Najib's focus on indian voters. This is just part of Samy Vellu's plan to get Vell Paari to take over the presidental seat of MIC out of the hands of Palanivel. The same old trick his father used to get the seat in the first place. Most of MIC's candidates will lose again and vell paari will call for the head of Palanivel and by then all the indians who are now seeing him fight against the leadership will support him - n history will repeat itself. Months ago I said this will happen and I already see it happening lol. Wait for the next MIC elections, regardless of who runs the country, the party will still be around.”

Mark my words this will happen though I’m told it might probably be Saravanan (PLEASE PLEASE VOTE THIS FELLA OUT) taking over. 

I hate MIC but it’s not a 100 percent hate. Simply because I know some amazing grassroot MIC folks who have continuously worked to help the community. This people have spent their lives helping others and I have never even heard them complain about getting fielded as a candidate while worthless fellows who probably bought or kissed ass their way to the top are given candidacy.

There’s a MIC uncle in my area, a super humble man who is also the chairman of one of the temples here. This man has tirelessly done so much for the people and despite his positions on any other day you can find him sweeping the floors of the temple. He would have been an amazing candidate. So would have one of the IPF leaders from around here. If either of them stood for elections I would be on the ground campaigning for them. If you ask them why they are not bothered about positions they will tell you 

“we have issues but we can work with the system to get things done for the people.”  

A few weeks back my mom was cornered by a local MIC lady who wanted to know if she had collected her vouchers. My mom said nah we don’t need it only to be scolded by her. 

“Look it has already been allocated for you, if you don’t take it someone else will misuse it so why don’t you take it and give it away?” Makes sense right?

Yet you see useless candidates being fielded. People who are so called loyal to the parties, those yes man who will never question the top leaders. One such case from my area is standing somewhere in Selangor and trust me, I am going to be writing non-stop urging people there NOT TO VOTE for him. The worst thing is this is widely apparent in all parties.


Take Cikgu Lee from PKR for instance, the incumbent adun for Kajang. I never knew who he was until he was dropped. There was a vigil in protest of it. Despite appeals, the cries went unheard and Cikgu Lee has sadly graciously accepted it.  

Then there was the non-stop bullying of PSM.

Frankly I don’t see much changes on both sides but I LOVE the fact that they are finally fighting to meet our demands. It’s a slow process but we need to make sure they are always kept on their toes, that no one gets a huge mandate and that is why we need to VOTE BASED ON CANDIDATES and not parties.

Do you know your rep?

I ask this all the time to people for most of the time no one knows who their reps are or what they have done in the last five years. I ask people because I want to know if their rep is some amazing person who is doing great things for their people but most of the time no one replies, no one knows what they have done; all they know is which party won in their town.

We chant we are the employers and they the employees and yet we have no idea who or what our employees have done?


In the last five years we had both sides representing out area. Technically our parliament is Puchong though geographically it should be Serdang. The change happened somewhere before 2008.

Uncle Satim and Uncle Yap from BN are faces most of us from here would know. We used to be represented by both and trust me they have brought a lot of changes to my area. Before people throw corruption stories/ allegations at me let me share my viewpoint on corruption –

“In reality all politicians are corrupt; otherwise they cannot survive the environment. As long as a higher percentage of good is being done, I can look the other way around. Ideally this is not the world I want but realistically this is what our world has become.”

Our current mps and aduns are Uncle Satim from BN and Gobind Singh, Teo Nie Cheng, Ean Yong from DAP.

One of our biggest problems was flooding; this was solved by BN when they built the Serdang pam at the Sg Kuyoh river. This pam is just a few metres away from my house. 

When I was a kid, my primary school was always flooded, it was an annual thing. Generally we get more rainfall then most of the state and the river could never hold the vast amount of water.

Yet last year we faced the worst flood in the history of our little town. For the first time ever Firemen has to use boats to rescue kids from the school. There hadn’t been any flood since the pam was built some 7, 8 years back.

Now the thing with my town is we are proactive and will search and voice out our complaints. When there’s a power cut, TNB will automatically ask if we were from Serdang before we even lodge complains thanks to the high number of residents who would have taken the initiative to call. That’s the kind of people we are.

Now it turns out the pump and the surrounding pipes had not been properly maintained. The pipes were filled with huge ass vines. That was what had been blocking the pipe. All Pakatan had to do was maintain those pipes and we wouldn’t have had such a huge flood. Few days after, they frantically turned up to clear out the pipe. My mom said they pulled out metres and metres of vines, makes you wonder how long it had been overgrown.

Before you tell me there was probably no allocation of funds, I checked their tender system; tenders had been called for since 2008. Here’s the 2009, 2010 tenders. There were tenders for the widening of Sg Kuyoh near Seri Kembangan but until the floods took place no work happened. Only in the last few months the widening works have started. So what were they doing for 5 years? What happened to these tenders?




In Serdang now if it rains we see people working at the river in the rain to make sure flooding doesn’t happen! Why wasn’t this done before it happened? What happened to preventive measures? All they had to do was maintain the current system and expand the river bed.

I read this interesting article on Selangor governance – a review of their performance and it echos my own views. Khalid is actually a pretty good MB but there are huge problems and I suspect it is due to messing around by PKR adviser Anwar. 

Incorruptibility is the greatest asset of Khalid to retain Selangor. However, I also heard that the Selangor state government is not business-friendly. Some said it is difficult to get approval for projects while some said that the state government has followed rules and regulations very strictly. It is hard to say who is more accurate but for sure, many livelihood problems have surfaced since Pakatan Rakyat took over the state. 
The people of Selangor did not seem to have living in an advanced state over the past five years. From the delayed collection of garbage, water supply disruption, the lack of road maintenance to floods, these issues have offset the state government's various people-friendly measures.

While my area didn’t face garbage issues (which I suspect was coz the head of Rukun Tetanga is one of my neighbours) the rest of Serdang and Seri Kembangan did.

The state government has taken over garbage management from Alam Flora to save over RM50 million a year. However, many garbage contractors have not collected garbage on time or have reduced the frequency of collection, causing problems to many Selangor residents.

THE Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) received 584 complaints on garbage collection last month. "Most of the complaints came from Sri Serdang, which is a huge area within the municipality. We understand the problems faced by the public since the  garbage collection services were taken over from Alam Flora in October last year," said Kok.

"We urge the public to bear with us while the new contractors are being screened and those selected will be announced next month.

We never had problems with Alam Flora, so this was a pretty bad move by Pakatan. It makes you wonder do they know what they were doing?

But my worse gripe with Pakatan is the Clean Zone (Bersih Zon) project implemented in mid 2012. The project consisted of the planting of unnecessary palm trees which promptly died and had to be replaced and continues to die; the building of weird looking brick pots, that are already broken and the plants are dead; the laying of a brick bike road which is now a badly tarred bike road which is now being illegally used by people to bypass the main roads especially during a police block and 5 badly positioned benches.

IMG_1089a IMG_1069a IMG_1090a IMG_1092a 

No one uses that bike road to bike. I live just opposite the river and we see weird people passing by nowadays. Looks like I will have to warn the cops about this.

The running joke in town is each of those benches cost 50k each since the project cost 200k.

IMG_1062a IMG_1086a 

Do you know what an eyesore those dried up trees are? Why did they even need plants where there were already beautiful trees? You want them to grow and fight for space? This is like basic gardening knowledge you space out big trees so they don’t die. And why palm trees? Why did they need one of the most expensive trees?

IMG_1070a IMG_1073a 

Take these trees planted during BN’s time. Not only can they be prettily shaped but these trees need the least maintenance and that’s why it is usually planted.


Not enough our poor roundabout was filled with dead trees that are quickly replaced once they get complains I assumed. And the biggest sore eye is this weird looking metal sculpture. A total waste of money. Why why why do we need all this?

If you don’t have enough funds for drainage as claimed, why do all this? What value does it bring my town?


So am I saying Pakatan has done nothing? Of course not. Gobind is a regular visitor and I am told he actively helps the needy folk in town. He has such a lovely heart he hands out money, rice and such to children and folks everytime he meets them. The rest in DAP do the same, you can see photos of them giving out angpows all the time. *rollseye

Wait doesn’t pakatan criticise BRIM? Didn’t you ppl complain about the rice bags that were distributed during Deepavalli by BN?

The fact is BN got its BRIM idea from Pakatan’s promise in 2008. Pakatan had promised rm1000 annually for all folks over 60 if they won a state. So I went and did the long registration process for my mom. Then they changed it to folks who don’t have ASTRO at home. Yep new terms and condition were introduced after the elections (surprise surprise). The money is given out to some folks in Selangor after much bureaucracy. Uncle Yap (MCA) and our local BN folks helped ppl in my town to get it. But I wonder why it was possible to extend this for all folks over 60 in Penang but not Selangor? This is still part of Pakatan’s manifesto in 2013. Go read it.

This is why I think Uncle Yap is awesome. He was not picked in 2008 to represent BN and yet he continued to help folks in the last 5 years. No he did not only appear in the last year like so many others (cough cough). This man has been driving his own car everywhere for years and explains why he took a cab to the nomination station. I wish I could vote him in but I don’t get to vote for him thanks to technicality.

Interestingly both the candidates for Serdang are interesting. Ong Kian Ming stands on DAPs side, I believe he is a good guy who is really looking to make a difference but at the moment he knows nothing about my town. That’s how unprepared he is. But I believe this is due to him being made the sacrificial lamb by his party the moment they found out Uncle Yap was standing in Serdang. I applaud his honesty in acknowledging his lack of knowledge in his last letter to the town and his promise to move here but against Uncle Yap, am not sure if it will be enough.

Now back to my question, how is it not vote buying when you give it but it is called vote buying when BN does it? Oi you ppl are hypocrites la.

I would like to tell you that I’m totally against it but some people need the money. Some people need those rice handouts. RM 500/ RM 1000 may not be a big amount for you but it is for so many people. I know a lot of people who are grateful for it. And I also know that rich folks lined up to get BRIM. So the numbers you see do not represent people who deserve help but it went to every older person who was willing to line up and I tell you those ppl went and stood for hours.

Let’s not even talk about the sex videos. When Chua Soi Lek’s came out people were asking for his head. But the man came out and admitted it was him and apologised. When it was the other side, pakatan supporters criticised it and the “look alikes” insist like shaggy “it wasn’t me.” Seriously if people think we think they are saints, they must think we are stupid. I don’t care who you sleep with but if you get caught have the decency to admit it and supporters please stop defending them.

Selangor Money
Btw have you ppl seen the Audit report for Selangor. Take a look at the increase in salary (emolument) from BN’s time to Pakatan. If you compare 2007 to 2011 there’s been more than 50 percent increase!! Whoaaa


I thought we have too many government servants? Or is this just for the existing people?

But you must give it to Khalid the books look good. There was a dip in 2009 but they were back on track. But I wonder why funds were not used for road works when there was money? I read complains they didn’t get funds but this shows otherwise.


Federal government gave them RM375.90 million for road works but only RM218.51 million (58.1%) was used. Given how long they take to do roadworks and the very stingy ways it’s done I wonder what they’re saving for? It took me three months to get MBPJ to get a few potholes in 3 roads in PJ to be repaired. After 3 months they only repaired 95 percent of one road. I am still pushing them to do the rest. Funny thing is in Serdang roads would get repaired fast but I believe this is cause we are proactive, everyone will call about one pothole so people usually get things done just to get us of their backs ;p

BN strategy
Does anyone realise that Najib is emulating Obama’s campaign and way of communication? It has had some positive and negatives. Now I do not like Najib but there have been some interesting things that has been done.

I met Najib when he was DPM somewhere after the 2004 elections. There was high security for our event and worse he wanted to be alienated from everyone. We were told to stand at a distance from him. Forward to the day he became PM, one of the first things he did is walk around Brickfields! That was a 360 degree change from how he was and so began his aim to be the people’s PM.

While that was welcoming as was his foray into social media and how he has pushed his own ppl to embrace social media has been interesting. There have been a lot of stupid things. I always see Rosmah as the object that makes him look good as compared. And you will be surprised there are actually people who like Najib. Really weird.

But there were so many stupid moves I cringed everytime one of it was revealed and I wonder who the heck their PR (public relation) consultants were. Seriously he was getting some bad advice.

But do you realise that he is aware of your complaints? I believe the government is actively analysing social media reactions to him and his moves. The government has been very pro analatical technology, they have been pushing most of their agencies to deploy predictive/ risk/ analytic technology for a few years now. This is an important investment especially in the financial sector.   You see less mention of Janji di Capati after the continuous poking fun of it.

Technology investment
This is something I wish BN would actually talk about instead of half of the stupid things they talk about like the three drains one yb says he repaired. *rollseye 

They have not only been implementing them in their own agencies but actively force corporations to do so.

Take for example Bank Negara (BNM). You think Malaysian banks would have invested in Basel (rick analytic solutions) or set up online banking without the push from BNM? I doubt it. They have also been actively pushing companies to make their salary payments online and ensure they are secure. Despite that our banks have a long way to go when it comes to online security.

Did you know government agencies are the most attacked sites when it comes to cyber-attacks? The more we become dependent on technology the more expensive enterprise security suites get. You think photoshop is expensive? Wait till you hear the numbers each of these software’s cost – in the hundred thousands. The best softwares cost even more and the government has been investing in them but unfortunately they rarely talk about these thanks to their own air tight non-disclosure agreements (NDA).

It’s high time they put away these NDAs and start talking about these and why they invested in them. Thanks to my job am privy of some info and I often marvel that they have thought ahead. The top folks may not be smart but the right ppl are advising them in these matters.

But technology investments don’t stop at security and analytics, it is essential in all parts of our lives. Unfortunately our media talks very little of these and we remain unaware of it. Google the cost of technology/ equipment to find oil; find out the investment needed for police/ medical response teams in our digital world; search the different data analysis solutions needed for different industries; we really need to read up on this.

This was one of my concerns when I read Pakatan’s manifesto. There was no mention of such technology investment and max they spoke about is forensic technology. But forensic is for crime solving not crime prevention. You people only watch CSI is it? Read la. 

Go read up on the Boston Police and how they mobilised in minutes to track down the killers behind the Boston Marathon tragedy. How do you think they went through thousands of photos to find the suspects? What kind of technology is being used for this? Did you know that the three main agencies fire, hospitals and police are wired together? Is this available here, I believe so but it will need an update soon which means more money needs to be pumped in.

There’s much more that needs to be done here.

There’s a photo of PDRM budget that goes around Facebook criticising the amount spent for public safety. Perhaps the amount spent on such technology is much bigger than the salaries of the staff?

I really believe our police and army need to be paid better, they need better psychiatry assessments.   


We need crimereports here. We need a registry of sex offenders. We need a system like this that tracks police reports, incidents and sex offenders in an area. But this will cost money and an uphaul of equipment. Are we willing to spend on this infra? What is Pakatan’s view on this?

Pakatan’s Manifesto was missing all this. There was a beautifully worded promise on it but no plan of action. How are they planning to bring down crime rate? I believe crime rate increase comes with urbanisation and the lack of morals in a society. The more detached we get from each other the more easy it becomes for crime to flourish. We need to actively play a role in society. If you see something fishy call the cops, if you see someone in trouble, help or call cops. Don’t sit and watch. Look at all the videos on robberies, half of the time ppl are sitting and watching and not helping!

We need more people like the man I deem a true Malaysian Hero – Ong Kim Koon. How many of us are selfless enough to risk our lives for others?

Our cops per citizen numbers are too small yet Pakatan wants to bring down staff numbers. Do they realise there is a need for a huge number of non-police staff? Have you noticed PDRM is active on Facebook and actively solving cases with social media linked evidence? This means they have a probably huge cyber-crime unit monitoring online crime. My IPD is super active, they even have the phone numbers of inspectors online besides their active patrolling. Personally in my area they circle our place every day at different hours often stopping to talk to locals like my mom.

I read a Malaysian complaining about PDRM PR activities. How will people go forward and complain if they are not comfortable interacting with the police? Yes there are corrupt cops but why do YOU GIVE? YOU CAN STOP corruption if you stop giving. It’s simple as that. WHEN WILL WE STOP?

I come from a line of cops beginning from my grandpa from pre-independence, we still have some amazing cops in our family – people who are respected for the sacrifices they have done for the unit. And my own personal interactions with cops makes me believe there are more good than corrupt.

Take the Lahad Datu incident. There were two phases of it. The first was the badly handled secretive period where they wouldn’t release any info. I believe they heard all our complaints (or I hope) and changed it in the second phase by giving instant updates. PDRMs Facebook page was sometimes faster than the media themselves. That is how we need to be. Share info as it happens when there is a crisis.

In this digital age, the government should no longer hide behind vague pr statements or secretiveness. Throw out NDA’s and start educating the public on the investments that have already been done and what more needs to be done. You don’t need to be specific but you need to start sharing.

Why am I not criticising BN’s manifesto on this? That’s coz I know that changes are being done (at least in my IPD), technology is being used and we have some of the best military/ cop teams around.


I studied at a local small town school. I had some of the best teachers around, phd/ master holders who were amazing educators but even then I realised there was a problem. Some of the new breed of educators graduating from teachers training were pretty dumb and had no concept of educating.

Teachers are the most important link in education. But less people were becoming teachers and some of the ones who do were there thinking it’s an easy life. They had no passion and they didn’t care about education. Was it coz we paid our teachers badly? Actually our teachers are paid pretty well, actually more than what most of us would get when we start working. I believe people are unaware of this.

We need to ensure our teachers are the best of the crop. How do you entice them to become teachers? Perhaps the answer lies in us itself. We are getting too materialistic. We believe we deserve everything to be handed to us, and we want to earn the most while working the least. How many of us work in corporations that benefit the country or people? Do you choose your potential employer based on their ethics? I want you to read about the economic impact of people who jump jobs frequently – Declining Employee Loyalty: A Casualty of the New Workplace

According to a 2011 report, 76% of full-time workers, while not actively looking for a new job, would leave their current workplace if the right opportunity came along. Other studies show that each year, the average company loses anywhere from 20% to 50% of its employee base.

We need to change our mind set. We need to realise our actions can have negative impacts not only on your corporation but also the country. We complain about the government, but are we willing to work for less, probably never see promotion to bring change? Why don’t you join them and work at changing policies from the government side? I know people who do these because they believe some change can happen.

Education system

Back to our education issues, I welcome Pakatan’s plan to study the current education system and change to a more creative process. Question is why couldn’t they do it now?
In the last five years, they could have set up one school to show us what kind of education system they are proposing, heck they could have just started with one class. In five years they could have given us solid evidence of what they can do. They could have easily started a private school and shown us what they plan to do. They had 4 states and enough money (Selangor has a lot of funds) or if they faced objections from the government get a corporation to fund that one class. The system has loopholes.

So once again we are left with words, only words.

I want vernacular schools to be abolished and instead non-muslim students should be made to study a language of their choice (mandarin/ tamil/ sikh/ Cantonese) based on the demography of students in that area instead of the useless morale studies. This should be a complimentary passing subject. Just as how English should be. Science and Maths should be taught in English as that’s what’s being taught in the local universities. An alternative testing method should be implemented for students who are exam-challenged and exams shouldn’t be all about vomiting info but should be about thinking methods. What if this happened, what would be your plan of action kind of questioning. This will build creativity and create a generation that thinks rather than vomits information.

Children should be encouraged to question and not told to shut up when the teacher has no answer. Discussions should be made a common part of class. I had all this at school. Yes we had teachers who discussed things though not all. So it boils back down to the teachers. Even if the system is not perfect they can inspire and change.


I believe the biggest evil in the world are most corporations and they are running the gamut of governments all over the world. While pakatan talks about GLCs they too have not addressed this. A firmer foot needs to be placed in ensuring they don’t control the government instead of vice versa.

Pakatan has promised to increase the tax bracket for individuals but what needs to be increased is that RM 9000 number which is a too little an amount of tax deductible amount for personal expense. Corporation tax should be increased or give them an option to spend that increased percentage on the community. Make them pay for the enhancement of our lives. One of the interesting endeavours in Singapore as part of their tourism efforts is that every company which wants to develop a new project must include an art related endeavour project in their development before they can get approval for their projects. This is a move which can be implemented here.

While charging extra tax could harm future foreign investments, such moves would be seen as an effective social responsibility endeavour for the cooperation and may make us seem more attractive to potential investors.

I wish our government or corporations for that matter are run this way – brilliant right?

Ricardo Semler, CEO of Brazil-based Semco, has let his employees set their own hours, wages, even choose their own IT for more than 25 years. The result: increased productivity, long-term loyalty and phenomenal growth. Wow am so impressed with this man - his ideas reflect my own grouses with corporations and why i think they are the ultimate evil - i so need to get my hands on his book maverick 

May 13
We need to sit down and talk to our elders about this. This is part of our history it shouldn’t be a taboo subject and we need to stop yielding this as a fear tactic. My mom’s family lived in the centre of it all. I have heard numerous stories from her but there’s one that part of it that stands out. 

When the emergency act was established people were left unprepared with barely enough food. Her area has a good mix of all races. While families had enough the bachelors in the area didn’t have much to go and with no option to shop, they were in a dire situation. My cop uncles brought back as much food as he could and the family began cooking and feeding their neighbours who had no access to food. People shared any food they could find with my grandma’s house and the community shared this with each other. If this is not a beautiful example of unity, I don’t know what is. So sit down and talk to your elders and learn more. It’s time we look at this differently.

Change begins with the man in the mirror.

I say this a lot but that’s the core of all our problems. I welcome the fact that Malaysian’s are more entwined in what goes around. But talking about it alone won’t bring change, YOU need to change and be more proactive. Ask yourself

Are you secretly racists?
Do you justify your actions as oh everyone does it?
BN does it so why can’t Pakatan do it?
Do you glorify people that shouldn’t be?
Do you bribe? Do you cut queues?
Do you give up your seat in a public transport or fake sleep?
Do you care what happens to others?
Would you have someone in trouble or close the door and wait for the drama to end?
Are you proactive in reporting a problem, be it in your community or elsewhere?

Nothing will change if we don’t change. Regardless of who gets the mandate of the people in the 2013 elections, we need to stop glorifying anyone and make sure their actions are accountable. Question them, read up on info that’s readily available. Go to twitter, there are many people who are willing to share info. Read things other than consumer related news. Read up on what drives businesses, governments or public safety for that matter. Stop blaming and work on driving a solution.

Please VOTE based on a CANDIDATE and not a party.

I believe BN will win again simply because you and I rarely see our reps but the non internet folks do and they are not as willing to vote as they did in 2008. There are many grouses being voiced on both sides. I expect surprising results and smaller voter margins to appear unlike 2008. The voice of the people on the net is not the voice of the nation.
I hope the fight remains a close one so that both sides continue to be kept on their toes to work for us the people instead of the other way round.

Who am I voting for? I am undecided as we have new faces in both seats. I will need to go meet them first before I decide. I have no idea who these three are.

Once again please VOTE based on a CANDIDATE and not a party.