Thursday, March 07, 2013

Rest in Peace - YOU are our heroes

"People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.- Richard Grenier"

I should be asleep, I have a long day tomorrow but too many things on my mind at the moment. Mostly concerning our state of Sabah. For 23 days my country negotiated with Sulu militants from Phillipines before we finally launched millitary attacks to rid them out of our country. This was not before we lost 8 of our heroes from the police force. 

The country mourns the lost of Inspector Zukifli bin Mamat, ASP Michael Padel, Supt Ibrahim Lebar, L/Kpl Mohd Azrul Tukiran, Sarjan Baharin Hamid, Sarjan Abdul Aziz Sakirun, Koperal Sabarudin Daud and Koperal Salam Togiran who died in the line of duty as they fought against the millitants. 

These men sacrificed their lives for us and no words can justify this loss to their families but a THANK YOU for serving our country. 

As I write these, these millitants are reported to be scattered across Kg Tandao in Lahad Datu, Sabah.

Hours ago one photo of a mass grave filled with bodies left by the militants answered some of our questions and for me gave me a bit of peace as I will be away from the country in this dire time. 

"The mass burying of its dead to sidetrack Malaysia and announce than none of them died by the SULU says a lot about how much they value their own people. The fake sulu king sees them as mere pawns in its deadly game of chess for its unknown quest of greed. Kudos to @Zahid_Hamidi n his armed forces for swiftly coming in and proving the AWESOMENESS of the MALAYSIAN ARMY -we SALUTE you.

The photo of the mass burial grave of the sulu will go down in history as the photo that signified our 1st attack victory. this is why photos of bodies will continue to be important in photojournalism for without photos there are no proof of a victory. Today we learn why photos of the dead are important proof after 24 hours of not knowing what happened after the air strike."

I wrote those two phrases after watching the press conference a few hours ago as the photos were revealed. 

Do I support the millitary attacks? YES

We have given so much time and yet they attacked our people and we lost 8 of our heroes. All for the greed of money and power? I wish each and every Sulu militant dies a painful torturous death, one as torturous as what they did to our heroes. 

I hope everything will be solved by the time I come back. My heart wishes it was here or at Lahad Datu but I am neither a soldier or medic, what use would I be there? 

God bless all soldiers, personnels, medics and the people of Sabah as we live through this harrowing days. Please keep them safe as they are risking their lives for us. 

You can read about the situation and its related information here, herehereherehere

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