Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Chariots of yesteryears

The journey

Gone are the days when I'd do instant posts here on the blog. Facebook and twitter have taken over the instant posts. it's easier too.

Also early this year I decided to dedicate my travel and dance photos to Tumblr. I post a photo each at V-Eyez Imagery for travel photos and at My Soul Dances, I of course post dance photos.

I decided to start this as its pretty easy and i wanted to standardise what i posted on the main blogs here.


Thaipusam this year was one hectic journey. for the first time ever I headed to Ipoh to watch the celebrations at the Kallu Malai temple in Ipoh. I had loved the temple when I visited it last October so I figured I should see how the festival was there.


All ready to go

I'll talk about that on a later date. I realised its been 8 years since I started photographing Thaipusam. So here's a look at how the Silver Chariot that heads to Batu Caves has looked like in the last 8 years.

Thaipusam 2006  Thaipusam 2007  The Chariot

  2006                                    2007                                        2008  

The Chariot  Home ;)
2009                                    2010

The chariot  thaipusam 2012  The chariot
     2011                            2012                          2013

This year the chariot was decked beautifully in white bulbs - ah what a stunning sight. On its return leg we didnt stay for the final prayers at the temple as it was a working day on the next day and all the travelling had taken its toll on me.

the guardian The priest


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