Friday, February 22, 2013

Coast to coast


I went on a coast to coast trip recently. I had time for a one day trip so I headed down to Ulu Bernam and began my trip along the Selangor/ Perak border.

coast to coast

Saw this beautiful mansion but most of it was plantations and forest that were along the snaking river bernam. I headed to the top most tip of Selangor, the spot where Sg Bernam reaches the sea.

boxed coast to coast

these cows and monkeys actually ran away from me when i pointed the camera at them ;p
run cow run


From there I drove towards Sekinchan and stopped every now and then to find the beach. there's not much beach but there is the open sea.

they have some lovely looking old mosques but sadly theyre in some weird angle that you cant photograph them properly

coast to coast

coast to coast

oooh i love this car - i u-turned to go take this photo ;)

coast to coast

this building was built in 1944, they kept the beautiful facade and extended the back into a convention centre - brilliant

coast to coast  coast to coast

It was a nice trip nothing spectacular but I'm slowly achieving my wish to see every single town in Malaysia ;)

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Psy fiasco

By now most of you would have seen the Psy related videos. I find the whole event extremely disorganised with a lot of stupid things happening.

Why didnt the mc/ event comp check if psy will come on stage? why did they scream non stop asking him to come out, wasn't it stipulated in the contract, i would assume the contract does not include a lou sang moment (most contracts clearly detail roles to be played), why did they have such an annoying MC, who is the idiot PR team who gives all these stupid advice to the PM.

End of the day regardless of whether we like him as a PM or not, this was an embarrassment to Malaysia. I blame the organising team for it - how can you put the PM in such a situation.

I am amazed Najib was calm about it. there was total pandemonium happening behind the vips - look at those folks running up and down in blue - thats part of the event team.

I seriously believe someone on the inside is out to get Najib and I believe its the dude who is trying to be the next PM. And interestingly during the lousang - when they asked are you ready for BN - ppl said yes.

And to the folks who attended the event - err after weeks of bombarding PSYs Facebook page - you ppl still went????? Whua you ppl are worse than our politicians - say one thing and do another! 

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Chariots of yesteryears

The journey

Gone are the days when I'd do instant posts here on the blog. Facebook and twitter have taken over the instant posts. it's easier too.

Also early this year I decided to dedicate my travel and dance photos to Tumblr. I post a photo each at V-Eyez Imagery for travel photos and at My Soul Dances, I of course post dance photos.

I decided to start this as its pretty easy and i wanted to standardise what i posted on the main blogs here.


Thaipusam this year was one hectic journey. for the first time ever I headed to Ipoh to watch the celebrations at the Kallu Malai temple in Ipoh. I had loved the temple when I visited it last October so I figured I should see how the festival was there.


All ready to go

I'll talk about that on a later date. I realised its been 8 years since I started photographing Thaipusam. So here's a look at how the Silver Chariot that heads to Batu Caves has looked like in the last 8 years.

Thaipusam 2006  Thaipusam 2007  The Chariot

  2006                                    2007                                        2008  

The Chariot  Home ;)
2009                                    2010

The chariot  thaipusam 2012  The chariot
     2011                            2012                          2013

This year the chariot was decked beautifully in white bulbs - ah what a stunning sight. On its return leg we didnt stay for the final prayers at the temple as it was a working day on the next day and all the travelling had taken its toll on me.

the guardian The priest


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Friday, February 01, 2013

Towering sweetness

I think I was in my mid teens when he married my cousin. He was a quiet man who towered over all of us. Given we were all taller than the average Malaysian, he really stood out. He seemed shy but then we soon learnt he was one of the sweetest person around, as sweet as the cakes he baked. He was after all a pastry chef at a 5 star hotel.

My father and him got along very well – everytime they met, they’d be chatting away. The funny thing is he looked like a younger version of my dad. Dad always wanted to have his cakes at one of our weddings, I don’t know why he always talked about it. I think he was just extremely taken by him.

He was like a son to his in laws family. He was such a calm soul. For me he was always anne, I never called anyone mama, it was always anne and this was one anne I was very fond of. I remember the day he bought his car from dad. Like many others there was a sense of excitement as he sat in our house hall as dad explained the details and got the forms filled.

We weren’t the cousins that hanged out more of the ones who bonded over coffee and snacks at the family function. He was there when dad passed away.

The last conversation I remember having with him was during my brothers wedding when he confronted me on not getting married. I joked that hey I shouldn’t have to join the suffering just coz they were all in it. He laughed and said hehe true – take your time then. I last saw him mid of last year when I said bye as I was leaving a wedding.

It took me a few minutes to register in disbelief who had died when I got the call this afternoon, an hour before his funeral. When it finally sank in, I packed up and ran and drove to reach in time for his final rites. He looked as calm as ever as his boys towered over him taking after their father in height.

For the first time ever I regretted not being married. I had lost another person who was waiting to see me get married. The number of times I’ve heard him and many others talk about my wedding you’d think I was someone important but I think it is just a matter of fondness.

The irony of life is that car he was so excited to buy was his final resting place. An accident that he couldn't have avoided or could any of us imagine. this is the second time I read about a tragic accident and didn’t realise the person involved was someone I knew. I had just seen the photo of the car this morning and shivered in disbelief at the condition of the car. the story of that accident had been lingering all over fb and twitter as the highway jammed up for hours as rescue teams tried to get them out. Imagine finding out hours later that was someone you knew.

There was a kid looking lost at his house after the funeral. He was in tears as he asked me what he should do for the family. The kid was one of his apprentices. The kid was lost for words all he could tell me was I rushed from Seremban, is there something I can help or do. I guess he was much loved by his students too. I told the kid, him being there was more than enough. Have a seat first but he couldn’t sit. He walked around the house aimlessly trying to find something to do. This was a side of my anne that I would never know. The kids that he inspired.  Alas the sweet ones are always the ones to go first.

Goodbye anne – it was a privilege to know someone as sweet as you for the last 15 years of more.

life is too short - live everyday like its your last

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