Friday, June 29, 2012


I only started watching Grey’s Anatomy in the Season where Meredith finally married Sheperd and then I got hooked.

There was an episode today where Meredith describes what a typical bad day is for most people as complete chaos and deaths land at the door steps of the hospital.

I think I’ve been through so much that every thing bad is a matter of taking a breath and just moving on, unless it involves death or grievous injury, nothing fazes me. I seriously can go through unbelievable stuff without panicking and for that I think I’m super lucky.

The universe on the other hand has such a knack for randomness that it throws you of your chair just like that. You sit there wondering what the heck just happened. Why now? Why even?

I have never back stabbed, used, stole or hurt anyone on purpose. If I was wrong I would apologise no matter who it was. If I didn’t like a person they defineytly would know as I’d either ignore them or tell them what I felt. What I do know is I my directness wasn’t a fond characterism for many. All I can say is the truth hurts and when I am right, trust me no one can make me back down and that has actually worked in my favour. You learn the truth about people or you just reaffirm what you’ve always known.

Randomness taught me one thing. You only know if the journey was true when you cross paths with a moment of randomness. The rest of them were fake and probably just using you. Nothing surprising there. Anyway I realised I am one of the luckier people, not everyone would have had the opportunity to be as blessed and for that I am truly blessed.

Thank you for everything, you probably have no idea what you once did but I will always be grateful. I wish nothing but happiness for you always.

Dear universe, just so u know I’m not into randomness so let’s keep it a once in a rainbow moon. 

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Anonymous said...

Here's something that I use as a before and after palliative to manage "I seriously can go through unbelievable stuff without panicking" situations:

There is a bit of discussion about the background, but the delightful piece soon follows, and I hope you enjoy it.....for an insomniac like me, it is the perfect natural medicine!