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Anang Malaysia sebaka tebu

I never got the fuss about Merdeka (Independence Day) and Malaysia day.

That’s because from the day I was born till today I’ve only known Malaysia as my country where we have 14 states. Never have I seen myself as better or more superior just coz I lived in the peninsular away from the Eastern states of Sabah and Sarawak. To me we were 14 unique states with our own slangs, traditions, culture and people united by one country.

Perhaps being born and having lived all my life in the capital of Malaysia has helped as 90 percent of the people I know are from another state and apparently mostly from Perak! ;p

I used to have a theory that if I threw a stone it would drop on an Ipoh person, recently upon doing a survey on my Facebook Profile I realised I’d need to change that to Perak since everyone seemed to be from some town in Perak without counting their respective spouses!

Now that I have successfully diverted the article to something else as usual let’s go back. ;p

Yes I count myself lucky to be in the capital as I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people from all our states and learnt bits and pieces of their culture. Yes we’re a tiny country but each state is unique let alone the towns. I am determined to put a foot into each town in Malaysia by the end of my lifetime. The problem is I keep finding favourites and returning to them.

The thought of a barrier of states has never occurred to me. To put it in a corny way, every Malaysian is a brother or sister to me regardless of race or religion.

But I understand why it’s a fuss. We just celebrated the 54th Merdeka and in a few days we will be celebrating the 48th year of the formation of Malaysia. The truth is for people like me Sabah and Sarawak may have gotten a latter independence but they have always been a part of us right from the start so how can we separate them from us when they have always been us?

I was inspired to read about Temenggung Jugah @ Tun Jugah the other day by my big boss. Now my big boss is super inspiring, well both of them are. He’s been telling me about wanting to send this message out for over a month now because he is so passionate and positive about being a Malaysian. He even knows this legendary man and his family personally. They now run the Tun Jugah Foundation which educates people about the Ibans. The other day he walks in and tells me what he wants me to write and research. This man’s knowledge is just outstanding, ask him about anything and he would probably know and here we are complaining of not having time!

Now I vaguely knew Temenggung Jugah from my days of reading history at school. I’m a history buff and I remember I loved this part of our history as we were finally rid of the sultans who were all named Mohamed 1 to million! Imagine trying to remember which Mohamed given I have a bad history of not remembering names that’s getting worse? Plus it made more sense to me as this was our history.

Anyway while researching for a quote by him, I found two that I absolutely love. There is very little information about him actually which is really sad. The man refused to wear a suit in all his meetings with the last of the British Governors who ruled Sarawak and was always seen in his traditional clothes.

idup ka nyawa dulu. Udah urat tegap, baru kitai ulih bejakuTemenggung Jugah
Give life to yourself first. Once your foundation is solid, then you can talk and act.’ – Tun Temenggung Jugah

“Anang Malaysia sebaka tebu, manis di pohon, tawal di hujung” - Tun Jugah @ Temenggung Jugah

Malaysia should not be like the sugar cane, sweet at the head and getting less and less sweet towards the end -
Tun Jugah @ Temenggung Jugah

For Tun Jugah @ Temenggung Jugah, the man who was key to Sarawak joining Malaysia, he wanted to ensure the formation was not like the sugar cane. I believe Malaysia has seen its fair share of up and downs but the sugar cane remains sweet just like Malaysia.
I went on a merry-go-round looking for his autobiography and a few others. There’s also Datuk Amar James Wong Kim Min who sadly just passed away in July 2011. He’s another man I would love to read.

Guess what it’s available on Amazon but not in the book stores here and the distributor is ignoring my emails. Bah! I’m sure I can get it at the National Library but I really want to own these books and read each book on our history from the eyes of these leaders.

Whatever anyone wants to say, groan or complain take it somewhere else, I love this country and years ago while in a long distance relationship I knew then that I would never leave for good, I may travel, work for short stints elsewhere but this is home, this is where I will live and protect till the day I die.

To all my fellow Malaysians, let’s continue keeping the sugar cane sweet as we are all Malaysians and no matter what happens, we are ONE nation.

Happy Malaysia Day everyone.

Ps: Anyone knows where I can buy these books in Malaysia?

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