Sunday, March 13, 2011

Goodbye crazy week

it's been a whirlwind week - but im super tired to give a full account - will update soon i hope 

beautiful start at the Kakiseni launch - watching stunning performances - my photo and profile is in the prog book (get a copy asap!),

first car prob of the week,

my photo gets published in the sun AS usual they freaking dont credit the photographer ,

lovely time watching Ang Tau Mui twice - the performance I photographed - having the director sek tim and marion d cruz - telling me they loved it ;)

- car remote going bonkers that i had to get the car towed back home for the first time ever! stupid security feature can will not start if the alarm doesnt work - stupid little battery cost me a bomb

watching a full butoh performance n came out mesmerised by the flutist n percussionist

- attending little sebastians first bday ( ive seen this kid since day 1!) seeing three little juns ;p

- n shopping like crazy for curtains ;p crazy crazy deals ;p i will not need to buy curtains ever ;p nothing like retail therapy yo ;p

- so goodbye crazy week n hello new week

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