Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm a KLPA Finalist


My photo Urban Goddess which was my first and only submission to KL Photoawards has been chosen as a finalist for the 2011 Competition.

My photo will be exhibited together with the rest of the finalist at Annexe Gallery at Central Market beginning the 19 April to 4 May 2011. We will only find out the winners at the awards night on 19 April 2011. I am so excited to be a finalist ;) 

You can help me win the People's Choice award by going here and voting for me. 

Click on the drop down menu and look for 

(34) Visithra Manikam

Please vote for me ;))))))))))

I'm a KL Photoawards Finalist

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Goodbye crazy week

it's been a whirlwind week - but im super tired to give a full account - will update soon i hope 

beautiful start at the Kakiseni launch - watching stunning performances - my photo and profile is in the prog book (get a copy asap!),

first car prob of the week,

my photo gets published in the sun AS usual they freaking dont credit the photographer ,

lovely time watching Ang Tau Mui twice - the performance I photographed - having the director sek tim and marion d cruz - telling me they loved it ;)

- car remote going bonkers that i had to get the car towed back home for the first time ever! stupid security feature can will not start if the alarm doesnt work - stupid little battery cost me a bomb

watching a full butoh performance n came out mesmerised by the flutist n percussionist

- attending little sebastians first bday ( ive seen this kid since day 1!) seeing three little juns ;p

- n shopping like crazy for curtains ;p crazy crazy deals ;p i will not need to buy curtains ever ;p nothing like retail therapy yo ;p

- so goodbye crazy week n hello new week

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A post

of something else.

This is going to be a proper blabber as im forcing myself to type eventhough im dead tired.

Loads happening just dont have the time to blog it - plus some things i dont want to share yet.

Tomorrows an exciting day - wish i could be there in the afternoon but the timings not right - plus i was just on leave on Friday for a very fruitful reason. hopefully enough details are released tmrw so i can share with the world ;)

yes its been a great start to the year - hopefully all plans work out. God bless ;)

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