Friday, January 07, 2011


I live for holidays. I’d probably go nuts if I didn’t travel in 12 months. But everytime I’m away and having fun, the last day always excites me eventhough I know my holiday is coming to an end. Because you see it means I’m going home. The moment I get into the plane, I’m all smiles especially if the crew is Malaysian. I smile and greet them in Malay every single time as if the language would bond us closer. Somehow it does, not my favourite language in anyway but its what I use when I miss home.

But the moment I really wait for is for the announcement by the pilot just before we land. ....and to all Malaysians, welcome home! Those words pull the strings of my heart every single time as I unabashedly grin back in happiness to no one in particular but the little me jumping in joy in my head.

I walk out of the plane and smell the Malaysian air and once again I’m all smiles. I’m home baby! I’m home sweet home!!!!

ps : I turned 31 at the turn of the decade in two countries at midnight in Malaysia and through the evening in amazing Bali, Indonesia. Hence the lack of posts for the end of 2010, as I just got back home today morning! Happy New Year to all and I will be back with stories of how I’ve fallen in love with Ubud and a stunning Indonesian island I’m going to call paradise that’s never gonna be named here ;) I’m going to be selfish and horde it to myself ;p

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sitiaishah salim said...

I hope this is not too late to wish you Happy Belated Birthday. May this year will bring more joy, happiness, peace and prosperous.

Visithra said...

siti thanks for the lovely wish - sorry took so long to reply been busy n neglecting this place - hope u have a wonderful year ahead