Friday, November 05, 2010


Early this year I joined a big organization with over 1000 employees. Now I had never worked in such a huge company before and so when I had two offers in hand – I decided to go for this one to feel the difference. I must say it’s been a pretty interesting time and I picked the right huge company to work in.

It is definitely nice to see a company care for its employees and actually do things for them and with them in mind. It’s also pretty interesting to see how loyal the employees are because of how they are treated right from the management to fellow colleagues.

It took some time for me to get used to having perfect strangers saying hi or chatting us up but that’s the working culture here. Also everyone seems to know our department. Naturally coz of what we do for them and more.

Anyway in the spur of the moment, we decided to make a rangoli kolam for Deepavalli outside our customer service centre and get our colleagues to join in the process. So after we got all the necessary approvals, we sent out the email and started preparing the design and rice.

Tuesday arrived and as I started drawing the design, people gradually began dropping by to help us. I had drawn a simple design coz I wanted to get everyone do it. It was a blast, so many colleagues dropped by to help or see, even though it was during lunch. People even turned up from our branches to lend a helping hand.

The beauty of it all was, it was truly Malaysian as regardless of race, people came down to help. This is what I think makes us as a company special. It never occurs to us that this was for one race. If we have a company event or activity everyone knows it’s for everyone. Any activity we do or branding exercise we create, everyone is always eager to take part. There’s no need to force anyone to do anything.

We’re a foreign company with a local heart. I really do believe we’ve got somewhat of a balance between both ends and its pretty endearing. Probably explains why no one ever leaves here.

So with a warm heart, I wish all of you a lovely Deepavalli. Stay safe people ;)

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Sundar Narayanan said...

that is awesome Visithra!

wish you a wonderful Deepavali.


Advance Dynamics Asia said...

Such a beautiful kolam. Though I don't celebrate Deepavali, I will visit complexes to admire these beautiful work of art. Happy belated Deepavali!

Suresh Nair said...

Love your writings & photography. In our company, our designer (Indian lady) did the design and the Kolam was executed by the Malays and Chinese who really spent a lot of time and effort enjoying and having fun doing it.

Visithra said...

sundar : yeah it is - thanks and same to you ;) send my wishes to the family too

advance : thanks - yeah the one in midvalley is stunning ;)

suresh: thanks - glad u enjoy them - nice to know ;)

Anonymous said...

A positive post on Malaysia in regards to racial issues. Good to see. Had been reading much writing about the ongoing trends of discrimination, and it's a pleasant surprise to see such unity. Let's hope that people hold such views at all times.

Kolathin vannangal miga arumai. Athe kolathukku kooduthal azhaku kodukkuthu. Kudos to all those behind it.


Visithra said...

kajan: i think we're a spoilt lot who loves complaining - n have yet to have seen the world to realise msia is an amazing place to live in