Monday, November 15, 2010

Bowled out!

I think I can count the number of times I’ve played bowling with my hands. Still I decided to join our sports clubs Bowling tournament just for the fun of it! ;p

My colleague and I decided to focus on two prizes mainly, the happening team and the loser team. Well we knew we weren’t going to win as there were a lot of great players and teams so why focus on the wrong side of the pole! ;p

Anyway 48 teams turned up at 8 am on Saturday morning! Who the hell goes bowling at 8!!! Apparently we do. The awesome nasi lemak woke us all up and we were gearing up to play. Each team had 4 people unless for us as one of our members had to fly to our state branches.

Now the last time I played was probably 6 or 7 years ago. Well I’m not that bad a bowler, but it takes time for me to warm up, also I’m easily distracted and before you know it I could be hitting strikes one minute and rolling into the drains the other!

Which was exactly what happened in our 3 games – scored 49, 69 and 51 respectively and scored three strikes! That mark was of course not even close to the top female and male scores – I think each scored around 580 – 590 points! And the winning teams total scores were about 1700 points! Yikes!

Since we finished our game early, we decided to visit the rest and cheer them on. Mid way we spotted a fusbol table and decided to play. From one game it ended up to 4 games – and I won 2 n tied in 1 game.
Anyway I have a theory, I’ve never won lucky draws, anything I win I have to earn it! Like dancing in front of a whole mall for a goodie bag! Heheh well it was a dare ;p

So they announce the lucky draw winners and as usual the number were real close but no where near.

We won! we won! we won!

Well not the lucky draw but the last team prize! It took me sometime to realise we had won! Since I kinda know a lot of people – we got cheered! My teammate was a bit shy to come out but I of course was lapping up the cheers ;p

Some of my other colleagues were envious we had won since they were aiming for the same thing! ;p

Hehehe who says it doesn’t pay to be last! ;p

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geeth said...

Great story.. loved teh way you described yourselves as winners ;)
Funny! LOL