Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is life worth the risk?

Is a view worth risking your life?

Is this view worth risking your life? expecially one that's accessible by road?

Nearly fell off a cliff when i slipped in the mud trekking down a trecherous path to a commercialised fake village which is accessible by road. found out later when i refused to go on n took a bike ride back - gd thing is decided to spend some time just basking in the view - the best part of my day. 

Besides trekking for 6 hours in mud, i'm fine n happy travelling in Vietnam more pictures when I get back. 


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sabrina said...

I think i might actually risk my life for that view babes :p

Be safe and looking forward to more pixx...first one looks fab!

Hope you're having a grand time

geeth said...

The way you take pictures, makes it more worth it!
Love your pictures :)

Visithra said...

saby: i used to think i would but ive come to love life too much no one or anything is worth it ;)

i had loads of fun just some issues

geeth : aww thanks ;)