Sunday, June 20, 2010

Only me

Ah I had such an adventure the other day – I left my purse in the office and only realised it when I stopped to get a Subway and found no money. My usual extra stash of cash was also not there, all I had was 20 sing dollars from my trip last week. 

Coincidentally I was parked in front of 2 money changers and weighing my choices I decided I’ll risk being embarrassed and try to change the money instead of heading back to the office. The people were life savers and said no problem and gave me my change. 

Heheh only me only me people – I’m probably the only person who can get into such situations! ;p 

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sabrina said...

OMG that has to actually be my worst nightmare....buying something and then not having the cash to pay for it

Which is why i am totally paranoid now and check my wallet at least 2-3 times to make sure i have enough cash!

Remember that scene from You've Got Mail where meg ryan doesnt have an cash at Zabars??!!!

Visithra said...

hehe ive done that bfr n quite recently - should write about it ;p

though im usually paranoid ;p