Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm a prude!

What is with exhibitionists in gym locker rooms?

I mean do you really need to parade yourself au natural? I understand some who do a quick change or you’re walking around in your undies which is just like being at the beach but there are some really interesting characters that leave you gobsmacked.

One time there was this gal who was sitting and having a conversation with her friend and then suddenly decided to take of her top off and stand there chatting all topless. She continued being topless even after I had changed and left so the friend was actually talking to a pair of breasts. Now there’s 1 thing I noticed with the nude ladies, they’re usually slim and don’t really have assets. And those assets look pretty sad, i mean if you had a really nice body i could appreciate the beauty of it.

So why am I looking? It’s impossible not to look when someone is undressing in front of you, if I turn it’s gonna be super obvious! So all I can do is slowly look away.

The worst case happened last week. I walked in to find a gal sitting on the sofa fully naked. My eyes must have popped out coz that was the very moment she looked up and then she wouldn’t stop staring. She took some time before she decided to wear her cloths while I was waiting for a changing room to be free. And trust me they were all Malaysians. Wear some cloths ppl or head to nudist beachesla. Spare poor old prudish ppl like me pls.

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sabrina said...

OMG!! Seriously ah???? Tak malu!!! And to be buck naked some more!!! What are these people thinking! I mean while i respect a person's right to display their bits, it shouldn't be to the extent of making other people uncomfortable! I mean who wants to see someone else's vahjayjay unless its in porn??!!!

Anonymous said...

So agree with you here. I wish they had change rooms in all gyms here, private change rooms. Especially in this day of cameras on anything and everything.

Worse is, the university locker rooms as children come for swimming lessons or play tennis. You will see these women walking in there naked and little girls of 8 or 9 changing on the side. All great to be comfortable about being feminine and all, just wish they would also respect childhood and privacy. Guess I am a prude too...!

- kajan

Visithra said...

saby : im serious - the buck naked really had me blinking la - i was like what the n she was actually sitting on the sofa - i mean theres 6 changing rooms n have u heard of towels?

exactly i mean a quick change is one thing - deliberately giving a show - tq but like u said porn would be better

kajan : they have 6 in the one i go not counting the bathrooms n shower rooms - yeah someone told me maybe u should take a photo - im like errr i dont shoot porn - thank god no children here but seriously with kids around i wish they wouldnt do that