Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here and there

Sigh - there was supposed to be another post here - but i don't have the file with me at the moment. Sigh feeling so pulled and busy and this is supposed to be the free time i set so i could watch the World Cup! ;p

God bless me when it gets crazy soon.

I finally got a copy of the magazine I was featured it - to read the copy and see the photos from the production day and me (yes me) please head to V-Eyez Imagery. I'm expecting the copies to run first coz everyone seems to be getting a cop and loads of ppl have been featured in this issue - including ppl i used to know. I kinda got a revelation reading one of the articles. One of my friends got the last 2 copies at Popular! ;p

For the first time the blog doesn't go ala Brazil for the world cup as i have no heart to remove MJ from the header plus his first aniv is coming up ;( Sigh missing you lots

The most exciting game so far has been the England vs USA game for all the blunders - ah Green you were awesome! You can always expect england to provide the entertainment ;p

I can't wait for Brazil to play!

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