Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Feeling blessed

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Remember I said you can never guess the thing that i never thought i’d wear ? well if you’re on FB or Twitter, by now you’d have known the cat’s out of the bag – it was a wedding gown! Heheh and no i’m not getting married.

I’ve been featured together with 9 amazing ladies for Faces Magazine’s Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers. The whole thing was a whirlwind of events, questions, sorting and more. Imagine having to choose only 10 favourite photos? I had to narrow down the list from about 60 – 70 absolute fav shots! I do love the 4 shot’s they’ve featured, so me ;)

Oh dear the wedding gown experience was nerve wrecking, it’s just ive never been a fan of wedding gowns since i absolutely love sarees. I was so tempted to ask them if i could wear a saree! But i figured they had a theme though i was so flabbergasted and shocked from the moment i heard “we’re putting you in a wedding gown!”

I have yet to see the magazine since its freaking illusive! So i’ll leave you with a shot of my page. Will be posting up photos from the shoot, my self portrait and more soon. I must say i’m feeling blessed and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The dude at the top always has perfect timing, if only he could balance out life for me and not always throw me from both ends of the pendulum – the ride from hell to heaven and back isn’t fun i tell ya!

Thanks everyone for the support, trust and wishes.

If anyone gets the magazine in the next few days, please do let me know where you found it (in the klang valley) – i want 1! Or 2 or more hhehee

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